23 Free Gym Membership For Low Income Individuals

By | June 8, 2023

It is an open secret that exercising regularly has several physical and mental health benefits; to get these benefits, people often opt to train in a gym. But gym memberships are not that cheap; not everyone can afford them.

Hence, Fitness for all. Fitness for all means enabling everyone to gain access to Fitness. This is achieved by providing free gym membership for low-income individuals and families. These no-cost memberships offer less fortunate citizens an opportunity to lead healthier lives.

Fitness for Everyone: An Overview

  • Affordable Fitness is vital to these gyms that provide free gym membership for low income individuals.
  • You must fulfill the eligibility criteria to get a short-term free low income gym membership for free passes.
  • You can also get free fitness options through healthcare plans.

Top Free Gym Membership For Low Income Individuals

It is nearly impossible for a family on a tight budget to afford Fitness. In such circumstances, a free gym membership for low income families and individuals is their only solution. Luckily, a few clubs and fitness centers offer this facility. Moreover, there is another Free Gym Membership for disabled people that you can access here.

free gym membership for low-income


The organization is a non-profit organization administered by believers of the Christian faith and is well known for its state-of-the-art recreation centers. You can access any 2400 centers offering swimming lessons and other organized sports.

You may not get an entirely free membership, but most centers established under the organization’s name offer financial assistance to those in need. These assistance programs are generally called Affordable for All Memberships, Income-Based Memberships, or Sliding-Scale Rates.

The YMCA Gym memberships offer a discount based on your household size and income bar. It may occur that, owing to your household and financial conditions, you might get an entirely free membership. You need to check it for yourself.

To get this benefit, you must be present to register yourself physically. You would also be required to submit documents like proof of your identity, address, household income, and number of household members. This is the case in only a few centers; you can apply online in others.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is trying to promote better physical health among teens, offering them free memberships. This offer is valid only for the summer months. Teens belonging to the age range of 14-19 are eligible for this program.

free gym membership for low-income

Parents of these teens can get a free 1-day pass to explore the facilities themselves. Teens who apply for the program are directly registered for the Planet Fitness Scholarship Program. The club offers one member from all 50 states where their branches exist a $500 scholarship. The club also provides a $ 5,000 additional scholarship.

Seniors can also benefit from the Free Gym Membership for Seniors and account for their health and well-being, eventually leading to a good health society.

The details of these scholarship programs can be accessed through their official website, and to access the free Gym, the teens need to apply before August 31. This program is available at all 2400 locations.

24-Hour Gym

Like Planet Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness offers free training sessions to young adults and teens who wish to gain that summer bod. Their low income gym membership program enables teens to work on their physique without paying a penny, and after the summer months, they’d get a 50% discount on their annual membership.

Anyway, it’s a win-win situation. You get to use state-of-the-art facilities for half the price while you gain newfound confidence. For further details, you can check out their official website.

Military Gyms 

Built explicitly for retired service people, Military Gyms are a way for them to stay fit. They can use these facilities through their CAC (Common Access Card). These gyms usually welcome new and retired officers at US military bases.

The Military Gyms also house numerous recreational facilities like full-court basketball courts, racquetball courts, indoor tracks, and yoga centers.

Homeowner Association or Apartment Complexes

The homeowner’s association is likely to have a Gym on-site. These gyms might not be free of cost, but their charges are included in the monthly rent. You can select houses that offer this facility.

These gyms might not be as equipped as the big chains, but they still cater to your Fitness needs to a greater extent. They might have less space and less equipment, but tan suits your convenience.

Community Recreational Center

In a large state like LA, it is obvious to find chains of fitness clubs, but these clubs can be expensive. The solution to this is the community recreational center. These centers are often administered for public welfare rather than personal profit.

Churches are said to run such gyms where free gym membership for low-income citizens is possible. You can look for YMCAs in your vicinity. They may not offer you an entirely free membership, but you can still get low-income financial assistance.

Gym Membership For Free With Low-Income Status: Free Passes

Gym passes are gateways to the fitness world. With the free passes offered by several gyms, you can select better. It enables you to see whether the environment is to your liking. There are also Free Gym Memberships for Students belonging to low-income and underprivileged people.

Gym Membership For Free With Low-Income

Different fitness clubs have different ways to offer these free passes. Some may offer a 1-day pass; some may allow you to use their facilities for three days, while others offer a free week. You can access these free passes either once every three months, six months, or once in a lifetime, depending on the club you are to visit.

Gym membership for free with low-income status gained this way can be used only by the applicant. You must be above the prescribed limit to access these passes. Other clubs, too, offer two weeks of free access. Yoga clubs like CorePower Yoga offer a 14-day pass for $1.

Explore the unique opportunity to get a Free Gym Membership For Disabled Veterans, and learn about the different fitness platforms and how to receive the benefit discounts, exciting offers, and other affordable fitness options for veterans.

Below are a few fitness clubs that offer free passes. Usually, they are launched as promotional tactics to benefit the Gym. You can turn this to your benefit.

Sources That Offer Free Low-Income Gym Membership

Apart from these big fitness chains, you can also get a free low-income gym membership through these sources.

Community Health Clinics

Community Health Clinics offer not only free dental and physical care but also provide affordable fitness options.

They offer Free Zumba classes and bike-sharing schemes to those in need. You can enroll yourself by paying just $5 a year.

Park & Recreational centers

Parks are the best way to get fit. You can get fit at your convenience with free access to all the equipment 24/7.

Several parks and recreational centers also offer Zumba classes, yoga classes, and workout sessions free of cost.

Healthcare plans 

Many healthcare providers offer a free gym membership for low-income individuals.

You can access this facility by carefully reading the clauses of your insurance policy.

Membership at Costco

Costco has partnered with Fit-Lite Super-Sport, and customers can benefit from this partnership.

You can get a 2-year membership at an affordable price.

Costco also enables children between 6 months to 12 years old to join a Kids Club through the Costco Membership.

AHFA Passbook

The AHFA, or the American Health and Fitness Alliance, offers free Gym passes worth $3,500 through various channels like health clubs, spas, local gyms, and studios.

However, these passes are only available in New York, LA, Chicago, and Houston. You can get a visitor pass at these places if you aren’t a local and are visiting these places.

Senior Citizen Programs 

Seniors can get special discounts to maintain their health. They can also get a free low-income gym membership.

Special discounts like AARP and other assistance programs administered by gym chains are the way to go for seniors.

More Ways To Get Fit

Gyms are just one way to stay fit; there are several other ways to maintain that summer body. If you do not feel like applying for a free gym membership for low-income individuals at these big fitness chains and clubs, you can move forward with any of these methods.

You can look for online workout videos that suit your rhythm and are easy to follow. YouTube has tons of videos that are easily accessible. There are tons of fitness apps as well that offer you fitness plans that are specially curated according to your needs.

You can also begin with gardening if it’s a hobby and you have a garden that needs grooming. Cleaning your space and your house is yet another option to stay away from a free low-income gym membership. Climbing stairs and dancing are other ways to fit without entering a gym.

You can learn more about the Free Gym Membership For Military Veterans and receive benefits from different organizations.

Final Thoughts

Joining a gym doesn’t only alter your physical health, but it also teaches you to get out of your comfort zone to push your limits constantly. It also enhances your confidence and people skills. All these benefits can be yours with the free gym membership for low-income programs.


How can I use the Gym for free?

The simple answer is that you can not get into a gym for free. You can get a free pass for a few days, but a yearly membership is impossible. You might not get a free gym membership for low-income individuals, but you can find affordable ones.

Am I eligible for a free gym membership?

Usually, gyms do not offer free memberships, but if you have a low-income status, are a senior, or meet set standards of getting a low-income free gym membership, you will be awarded one. You need to check in with your Gym to know the details.

Which Gym offers the cheapest gym membership?

Planet Fitness offers the cheapest gym memberships. They start at $10 per month. They also provide free gym membership for low-income teens during the summer months.

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