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By | January 6, 2024

I never thought I would enjoy going to the gym until I discovered that my insurance company offers a free membership as part of their wellness program. It was a pleasant surprise when I received an email from them inviting me to sign up for a local fitness center of my choice.

I decided to try it, thinking it would be a good way to stay healthy and save money. Little did I know that it would also change my life unexpectedly. In this blog post, you’ll find ways to get free gym memberships through insurance, the sources that offer the benefit, and much more.

Free Gym Memberships Through Insurance: Sources

One way to promote health and wellness among employees is to offer free gym memberships through insurance benefits. This can positively affect physical and mental health, productivity, and morale.

Free Gym Memberships Through Insurance

Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve mood and cognitive function, and lower stress levels. Employers can encourage their workers to adopt healthier lifestyles and prevent costly health problems by providing free gym memberships. Here’s a list of insurance providers that offer this benefit:

1. UnitedHealthcare

You can get free gym memberships through insurance company called UnitedHealthcare. Its Renew Active program provides free memberships to its policyholders. This program encourages an active lifestyle and is available with many UnitedHealthcare plans.

Beneficiaries can access a broad network of fitness centers nationwide, allowing flexibility and convenience. The program also includes access to online fitness classes or a personal training session at no additional cost.

2. Aetna

Aetna offers a gym membership reimbursement program for members enrolled in their group products and Medicare Advantage plans. For Medicare Advantage plan members, Aetna participates in the Silver Sneakers Program, offering free access to gym facilities and fitness classes geared toward seniors.

Aetna’s approach underlines its commitment to preventative health and wellness, encouraging members to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this case, you cannot get free gym memberships through insurance, but they can help you buy one with their relevant plans.

3. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

BCBS offers a unique program, Fitness Your Way, which allows members to access a network of over 10,000 fitness centers for a monthly fee. The fitness program also encourages people to stay motivated through:

  • The ability to join as many gyms as you want
  • No long-term commitments
  • On-demand videos available 24/7, and access to live virtual classes
  • 20,000+ health and well-being specialist

Select BCBS plans also include wellness rewards, offering incentives for maintaining regular gym visits and a healthy lifestyle. The coverage and specifics of gym membership benefits vary by state, so members are advised to check with their local BCBS provider.

4. Cigna

Cigna’s gym membership benefits are offered under its Healthy Rewards Program. Through this program, the insurance provider provides significant discounts on gym memberships. Cigna Insurance offers free gym memberships through its Active&Fit Direct program.

This program allows Cigna insurance customers to access over 11,000 fitness centers nationwide for a low monthly fee of $25, which is waived for the first month. Customers can also choose from online classes, home fitness kits, and wearable fitness devices.

This program allows Cigna insurance customers to improve their physical and mental health, reduce their risk of chronic diseases, and save money on gym fees. Cigna Insurance believes that getting free gym memberships through insurance is a great way to encourage its customers to stay active and healthy.

5. Oscar

Oscar provides you with free gym memberships through your insurance plan. This means you can stay fit and healthy without spending extra money on fitness classes or equipment. Here are some of the features and advantages of getting free gym memberships through insurance from Oscar:

  • Choose from thousands of participating gyms and fitness studios nationwide, including popular brands like Crunch, 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, and more.
  • Access any gym or studio in the network as often as possible, with no limits or restrictions.
  • Use the Oscar app to track your workouts and earn rewards for staying active. You can get up to $100 monthly in Amazon gift cards for meeting your fitness goals.
  • Enjoy other perks and discounts from Oscar’s partners, such as ClassPass, Peloton, Calm, and more.
  • Save money on your monthly premiums by choosing a plan with no-cost gym memberships. Oscar offers plans with different levels of coverage and deductibles, so you can find the one that suits your budget and needs.

6. Amerihealth

AmeriHealth has a fitness program that reimburses members up to $150, the fees charged by participating fitness centers. To qualify for this benefit, you must complete 120 workouts during a 365-day period (enrollment day counts as day one).

This is a one-time reimbursement, so make sure you use it wisely. AmeriHealth also offers an allowance of $150 annually for weight management and smoking cessation programs. By choosing AmeriHealth, you can enjoy the benefits of staying fit and healthy while saving money on your gym membership and other wellness services.

Along with these free gym memberships through insurance, you can also seek help from Medicaid. Numerous citizens have benefitted from the free gym memberships for Medicaid program.

Free Gym Memberships Through Insurance: Types of Memberships Covered

Getting free gym memberships through insurance can be a great incentive for people who want to stay fit and healthy but do not have the budget or motivation to join a gym on their own. Not all gym memberships are covered by insurance, and the types of gyms that are eligible vary depending on the insurance provider and plan. Here are some of the common types of gym memberships that insurance providers cover:

  1. National Gym Chains
  2. Local Gyms and Fitness Centers
  3. Specialized Fitness Studios
  4. Online Fitness Programs
  5. Senior-Focused Programs
  6. Wellness and Rehabilitation Centers

People Also Ask

Here are the three most frequently asked questions you must be aware of before getting free gym memberships through insurance providers:

Which gyms participate in free gym memberships through insurance programs?

24-Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Curves, Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and YMCA participate in the free gym memberships through insurance programs.

Do I need to sign a contract or pay any fees to use the gym?

No, you do not need to sign a contract or pay any gym fees. Your insurance plan covers your free membership. But you may need to pay for optional services or amenities like personal training, a spa, or a locker rental.

Can I bring a guest or a family member to the gym?

Yes, you can bring one guest or family member with you to the gym for free. They can use the same facilities and classes as you. They must sign a waiver and show their ID at the front desk.

The Bottom Line

Free gym memberships through insurance are a great way to stay healthy, save money, and enjoy a variety of fitness options. You can also benefit from professional trainers’ support and guidance, group classes’ motivation, and access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. All you need to do is check your eligibility, enroll in a program, and start working out.

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