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By | June 22, 2023

The average cost of repairing a car ranges between $300 to $600 in the United States; with over 160,000 Auto Repair shops in the US, there’s no scarcity of automobile services, but there are people who cannot afford the total cost. Hence, salvation army car repair assistance provides free services without paying the amount.

Before moving to the Salvation Army car repair assistance, you should understand the different car damages and their fixing cost. Here, we have highlighted some most common car collisions with their average repair price.

  • Front-End Repair: $300 to $2,100.
  • Rear-End Repair: $300 to $2,100.
  • Bumper Repair: $150 to $1,600.
  • Frame Repair: $500 to $12,000.
  • Side Impact Repair: $300 to $2,100.
  • Door Repair: $50 to $1,500.
  • Body Panel Repair: $50 to $2,100.

Short Summary

The Salvation Army provides Car repair assistance and other transportation facilities to low-income families and individuals. The free services often include the repair of the car bumper, car windshield, paint damage, car door, dents, and other mechanical damages such as engine, transmission, and suspension. In case there’s no scope for repair, along with the following services, the salvation army also provides donation opportunities and free used cars.

  • Free Car Repairs (Minor Damages)
  • Car Maintenance Vouchers (Worth up to $250)
  • Reduced or Discounted Car Repair Costs (Major Damages)

Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance 2024

Salvation Army car repair services are based on the organization’s core mission to help vulnerable and low-income families and individuals. The bedrock of their contribution to the automobile sector is the values of Bibles and the universal Christian church.

Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance

With the rising speed of technology, the graph of transportation is increasing widely in the United States, which embarks the need for personal vehicles in today’s time. When your vehicle gets damaged, you might suffer from deprived car services due to your low budget.

Since the salvation army care repair assistance has the core lead in providing the financial and any support that extends to fill the people’s basic needs, in a state like America, low-income families are saved from being refrained from paying high amounts of car repair costing.

You are advised to check out the county of your state that promotes automobile support. Many salvation army centers are partnered with multiple automobile car repair shops. There you can quickly get salvation army car repair assistance.

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The following is the usual estimation of the damaged components of a car to be repaired. This might help you understand whether you require salvation army car repair assistance or can manage them independently. This is important to consider because, when you choose not to take the help, you’re actually helping the other people who genuinely require support by leaving the block of supply.

  • Car Bumper (Front) – $300 to $1500
  • Car Windshield – $250 to $1000
  • Dents (Small/Medium/Large Sized)
    • Small Dents – $100 – $300
    • Medium Dents – $300 – $600
    • Large Dents – $600 – $1,200
  • Car Bumper (Rear) – $300 to $1500
  • Car Paint Damage – $500 to $2500
  • Car Door Damage – $75 to $1000
  • Hail Damage – $500 to $2500
  • Car Frame or Structural Damage – $500 to $2000
  • Mechanical Damage
    • Engine Repairs – – $500 – $5,000
    • Transmission repairs – $1,000 – $4,000
    • Suspension repairs – $200 – $1,500

You must note here that these cost estimations are based on the general trend in the current market. They are subject to vary over time depending upon the location, service owner, policy maker, and specific issues or problems that persist in your vehicle.

If you have car vehicle insurance coverage, do not forget to carry the paperwork in your car and the digital soft copies of the insurance card. This will save you a lot from immediate expenses and help you in emergency car accidents.

However, nobody like to think about accidents, but we need to be prepared and well-pre-planned for the undesired and unwarned events in life. Behalf of the Salvation Army Car Repair Assitance, several roadside auto repair shops accept car insurance coverages.

  • Engine Repairs
  • Brake Repairs
  • Transmission Repairs
  • Safety Repairs
  • Tire Replacement

Apart from the car repair cost, the salvation army offers other automobile-related services for low-income families and individuals.

  • Rental Cars offered at Low or Reduced Cost
  • Roadside Transportation Cards in Emergency
  • Free Bus or Truck Travel Card
  • Free or Discounted fuel Coupons
  • Free used Cars

When your car damage is extensively intense, and there seems no scope for repair and other utility of the car, then the Salvation Army may offer the Donation Opportunity for you and demands you to give away the whole damaged car with parts, engines, and components as they are in their condition.

In return for the donation, they might provide free used cars to compensate you and keep your transportation conveniences alive.

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Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance Near Me

You can get assistance from the local community services under the Salvation Army for the necessary vehicle repairs. This is the most popular organization known to the mass for its different assistance programs and financial offers.

Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance Near Me

You can locate your nearest salvation army center, visit their physical office, or take the address from the online website. In the case when salvation army car repair assistance is available, then you shall ask for the application form that may include documentation of income, employment status, and the necessary car repairs.

The following services can be included in the Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance near me; in case of unexpected car damage, you must keep all the required documents or cards (if you have any) to avail of the roadside car repair benefits.

  • Free Car Repairs (Minor Damages)
  • Car Maintenance Vouchers (Worth up to $250)
  • Reduced or Discounted Car Repair Costs (Major Damages)

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Salvation Army Car Repair Programs

While most programs offered by the salvation army aim to provide emergency services and financial support to compensate for the basic necessity of low-income families and poor individuals, the homeless, and the vulnerable class of people who are deprived and financially as well as socially backward.

There are several programs under the salvation army car repair assistance near me to uplift their transportation privileges. You can find the programs below and benefit from applying for one of these free assistance.

  • Wheels for Work
  • Good Samaritan Program
  • Auto Repair Assistance
  • Vehicle Donation Program
  • Gasoline Assistance
  • Transportation Vouchers
  • Vehicle Maintenance Program
  • Repair Workshops

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The salvation army car repair assistance near me program has been discussed in detail, along with several types of car damages and their price list to fix the car. From front-end to rear-end and b0ody panel, we have highlighted the average estimated repair cost of different car components. You can also learn about the donation opportunities that Salvation Army offers.


Does the Salvation Army provide car repair assistance in the US?

The Salvation Army provides car repair assistance for minor to significant car damages. It also provides maintenance coupons for your car and other essential transportation compensation based on your eligibility.

Can I receive assistance from the Salvation Army for other automotive needs?

Yes, besides car repair services, the Salvation Army also offers a free used car upon donating your damaged car with no scope of recovery. It also offers car maintenance vouchers.

Are there other organizations that offer car repair assistance for low-income individuals?

Yes, there are various local community help centers, federal programs for transportation, church car assistance, and non-profit organization supporting low-income families and individuals.

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