CEO of Salvation Army Salary: Revealing the $ Digits

By | June 21, 2023

On average, the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of Salvation Army Salary is estimated to be $128,229 per year. However, this amount depends on several factors, such as the size and scope of the organization, the CEO’s experience and qualifications, and the organization’s financial resources.

You must consider the organization we’re going to discuss is a charitable trust, and the CEO of Salvation Army Salary is usually determined by the organization’s board of directors or governing body. Here, we shall present the breakdown of the CEO’s earnings.

Short Summary

The median average salary of the Salvation Army General or CEO is $128,220 annually. However, a CEO’s position at the organization is officially called the General of the Salvation Army. Brian Peddle is presently serving this position as the 21st General of the SA.

CEO of Salvation Army Salary

The most critical misconception, or rather a misspelled for the Salvation Army among ordinary people, is that a CEO leads it in a traditional corporate sense. In contrast, there is no Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the Salvation Army. Instead, there is the General who leads the entire organization.

CEO of Salvation Army Salary

IN A LITERAL SENSE, the CEO of the Salvation Army Salary would mean the salary of the General of the Salvation Army.

Here is the latest salvation army CEO salary 2024 breakout that might help you with the number estimation and average pay for other similar positions.

  • Low – $93,915 / year
  • Median – $128,220 / year
  • High – $175,054 / year

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The General of the Salvation Army is Brian Peddle, the 21st CEO and the General of the Salvation Army elected in 2018. We often call it a CEO to understand the position with reference to traditional corporate, but, in actual official terms, there is General Brian Peddle.

As a Companions of Christ Session member commissioned and ordered as Salvation Army Officer in 1977, General Brian Peddle has served the Salvation Army with his wife, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle.

Formerly, he was the Chief of the Staff of the Salvation Army, from 2015 to 2018, under General Andre Cox. Brian Peddle, however, after serving the three positions currently in the Salvation Army: as follows.

  • The General of the Salvation Army
  • International Leader of the Salvation Army
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (Commonly Known)

Before he was appointed Chief of the Staff on 1 November 2015, he served as International Secretary for the Americas and Caribbean at the International Headquarters.

On 25 May 2018, Commissioner Brian Peddle was elected as the 21st General of the Salvation Army. The CEO of salvation army salary was initiated with nearly $98,000 per year.

The Salvation Army is currently functioning in more than 130 countries, placed in territories and regions, and grouped into five zones.

  • Africa
  • the Americas and Caribbean
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • South Pacific and East Asia

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However, you must know that the salvation army is purely based on charitable work and does not promote individual compensation packages.

We should appreciate that the Salvation Army aims to assist the needy in society and work towards it as a priority rather than providing exorbitant salaries to its leaders.

We all must notice that, despite having gathered the payout information, the Salvation Army CEO Salary 2024 might depend on several factors, such as the region, the organization’s financial situation, and other considerations.


The Salvation Army CEO Salary is high paying due to the top positions and responsibility; we understand the curiosity among ordinary people about knowing how much General Brian Peddle would earn as the General or CEO of the Salvation Army.

We have elaborated on the Salvation Army CEO Salary 2024 using various job portals and recruitment platforms and have prepared the breakout amounts in the following table.

Type of PayPay EstimationMost Likely Range% of Totla Pay
Base Pay$124,644/year$93K – $170K63.2%
Bonus$16,693/year$13K – $23K8.5%
Stock$22,987/year$17K – $32K11.7%
Commission$32,824/year$25K – $46K16.6%

For your information, apart from the Salvation Army CEO Salary 2024, there are other positions at the organization that you should learn about, especially for their salary range, so that you can differentiate well.

Sr No.Job PostPay (Hourly or Yearly)
1Accommodation Manager$25.00/hour
2Aquatics Manager$17.90/hour
3Assistant Manager$16.77/hour
4Assistant Superwiser$34,836/year
5Area Supervisor$16.21/hour
6Assistant Director$66,511/year
7Building Manager$45,000/year
8Camp Manager$14.87/hour
9Business Development Intern$15.00/hour
10Business Development Executive$52,000/year
11Call Centre Manager$20.42/hour
12Call Centre Supervisor$24.70/hour
13Assistant Supervisor$18.32/hour
14Centre Director$20.00/hour
15Child Care Director$18.00/hour

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Benefits the CEO of Salvation Army Enjoys

Apart from the Salary, other benefits exist for the CEO of the salvation army. you must notice in every organization, there are plenty of perks and benefits the employee or a rank holder enjoys, depending upon the position and job profile.

Along with the General of the Salvation Army, the other executive officers in the hierarchy also receive benefits based on their rank, merit and position in the organization.

Similarly, for the Salvation Army General or CEO, it is the most prestigious thing; along with the salary, there are several merits he must be having, as follows:

  • Allowances
    • Housing
    • Billing
    • Transportation
  • Retirement Plans
    • Pension Plan
    • Deferred Pay
    • Post-Retirement Placement
  • Healthcare Coverage
    • General Health Insurance
    • Medical Care
    • Specific Health Insurance
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Hearing
  • Travel and Accommodation
    • Reimbursement for business-related travel expenses.
    • Accommodations during official trips.
  • Professional Development
    • Conferences
    • Training
    • Skill Enhancement Programs
  • Other Perks
    • Flexible Work Life
    • Paid Time Off
    • Occasional Leave
    • News Paper/ Entertainment
    • Fitness Gym/Meditation

In the Salvation Army, the top leaders, The General and Commissioner Peddle – as husband and wife- ensure the excellent delivery of services driven by sacred values and ethical touch. They believe God is delivering everything, and the Salvation Army is just a medium in the full service of the needy people of the state.

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There are plenty of benefits besides salary that a CEO or the General of the Salvation Army can enjoy; many allowances and other perks associated with the CEO positions have been discussed in this article. Different job posts are highlighted here with their hourly or yearly pay within the salvation army.


What is the salary of the CEO of Salvation Army?

The CEO of Salvation Army gets a Salary pay on average of about $128,220 per year. However, the salary ranges between $93,915 per year to $175,054 per year.

What is the current salary of CEO salvation army?

In the present scenario, no absolute current data is available on the Internet; the salary may vary with respect to time. However, the current salary of CEO Salvation Army is around $128,220 per year.

Who is the highest-paid person in the Salvation Army?

It is considered that the Director of Social Services, with an hourly pay of $26.70 (Hourly Rate), is the highest-paid person after the CEO.

What are the benefits of The Salvation Army?

Plenty of benefits such as housing, billing and transportation allowances, healthcare coverages, retirement plans, travel and accommodation, paid time off, and occasional leave.

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