How to Get a Donated Car From Salvation Army ?

By | August 31, 2021

Salvation army car donation: When you donate your car to the salvation army car donation Program, it undoubtedly shows your support for this organization. For you, it is just a car, but for the person who gets it has much more value of it. Salvation Army car donation helps others too makes their life different with the help of Donation. A person who donates a car gets a deduction in tax and a person who gets it can use money at a good place other than a car. So it saves money from both ends. It also fulfills the desire of the car of the fewer fortunate People.

Salvation army invites everyone to donate, they have not a restriction of religiosity or nationality all are the same, they believe only in mankind. Salvation army car donation also getting the support of the government, the salvation army car donation program given on top priority of disabled veterans then after Single mother and then for the needy. You have to describe briefly why you want a free car in the salvation army car donation form.

What Is The Salvation Army Car Donation Program?

The Salvation Army is known for its social service and humanitarian effort for humankind all around the world. They are the largest and biggest social service providers in a different corner of the world.

How to Get a Donated car from Salvation Army

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We all have seen the Salvation Army Thrift Store or pickup for the old one. Also, we all are known the red cattle full of change and bell ringers at the time of Christmas.  So the Salvation Army comes in your eyesight for at least once. 

The Salvation Army does not only accept donated cars, but they also accept all kinds of things that you can imagine, starting from clothes to household items. And here I am with the topic of the Salvation Army vehicle donation. 

Since 1865, they are helping all the broken lives and help them to set their lives gradually. They know their role as the world’s one of the oldest charitable organizations. They provide shelter, provide aid to the disaster victims, help children via day and summer camps, work to eliminate human trafficking, service for senior citizens, rehabilitation centers, and many more. When you choose the path of donating the car to the Salvation Army, who knows you might help that know knows you might help someone in your neighborhood and around the world. In the salvation army auto auction, you can get Good cars at minimalist rate.

Why The Salvation Army Car Donation?

It is possible that you want to buy a new car or your old car reaches its extream limit. After this, the repairing cost is no more worth. Or you do not need a car? If yes, then a donation is the best option for you. Many times we get calls from donors, but the question is, do they really need help? So you need a good and genuine option. Salvation Army towed your vehicle, repair it, and then give it to the needy. You do not have to pay for it. And tax benefit is also there. 

Why the salvation army car donation

Some people are upgrading their car either they pick the small one or big one due to the changes that happened in life. Kids are grown, and you do not need a minivan. Or maybe you are relocating and transporting is costly. Hence you are thinking to sell it. But do you know if your car is 6 to 10 years old, it only provides 40% of the price you think to get it from reselling? So why don’t you think to donate it? we gave all info on Donate cars to Salvation army.

It makes more sense. You are not getting sufficient money and donate car to Salvation Army help the needed person.

Salvation Army Donate Car: Where Can I Donate My Car?

You can donate your car whenever it is convenient for you. Especially in California and Arizona, you can pick the location as well as date and time that suits you most. It could be your workplace, storage, home, mechanic shop, or anything else. On your call, the Salvation Army car donation van picks your car and do the rest of the procedure. 

Some donors call from miles away. Like someone’s mother can’t able to drive or dad s moving to an assisted living facility place. They no more need a car and want to donate. But the Salvation Army vehicle donation is there to take all the work on their shoulders.

Starting from pick up to doing the paperwork for the selling, they have covered all. Donating your car to the Salvation Army is easy, and fast even you can’t locate your place, or your registration lapsed.

How Does The Salvation Army Cars Donation Work?

You have to go to the Salvation Army’s website to donate the car and need to click on the “Donate Now” tab or call them. After that, you have to fill some information. 

how salvation army vehicle donation works?

You have to share your key facts about the vehicle. It hardly takes 3-5 minutes. A coordinator will ask you some question related to your cars and listen to you. It includes information that can help them to understand the vehicle. They will also email you a temporary or confirmation receipt with the donation reference number. It also has a clear outline for the next procedure. 

Our skilled towing driver reaches to your place according to your time. He will guide you while signing the title and DMV forms. He will process on your behalf. You will get a signed receipt. In case of any query, the receipt will help you to raise the question in front of the authority.

Within 30 days of the sale, you will receive IRS 1098-C tax deduction form. On arrival of the Salvation Army car donation on your place, they will first note down the required improvement. Then they marked the best advantage of the vehicles and their remaining life. 

Within 30 days of the sale, you get copies of form 1098-C:  one is for your records, and another one is for your accountant.  The Internal Revenue Service and the charity both also get a copy for complete transparency about the sale price.

How to Get A Donated Car From Salvation Army: Step By Step Guide

The solidarity program that leaves it impacts all over the world with its charity is none other but the Salvation Army. The work of the” Salvation Army” takes it to the large platform. They reach to almost all needed place of the world. The nobility and sentimentality make them populated. Salvation Army can also take part in free cars for veterans.

If you want to get a car from the Salvation Army, you need to take part in an online auction. Here you have to find the website that supports Salvation Army car donation Supported; these sites helped many people who want their car from the donation. 

How to get a Donated Car from Salvation Army

Here, We are sharing the stepwise guide to help you in getting your first car from the donation. Here you will find all the answers to the question, so just read it. 

Salvation Army Car Donation

Step 1:

  • Go to the official site of Salvation Army from here:

Step 2:

  • Now, enter your zip code, and you will find all the Salvation Army near you and its phone number on your screen.

Step 3:

  • Now call the local library and get all the information about the next car auction. Each area has its auction, and hence two auctions never happen at the same time. 

Note: Most of the auctions are done in the presence of a professional auction company or Salvation Army personnel each month. 

Step 4:

  • Enroll for auction if required. Some auction needs registration, whereas some do not need any registration for the car. A small fee is charged during registration. 

Step 5:

  • Reach to the place before the auction starts and look for all available vehicles. You can open the hood, start the engine, and look at the interior. 

Step 6: 

  • Take part in the auction and if you are going for the first keep in mind that the auction process rapidly. Find the car, your limit, and your budget.

Step 7:

  • If you want to transport them somewhere else, make proper arrangements. 

Note: Many auctions work for parties only and some works for the Salvation Army. If you decided to buy the car, consider the time limit. Make sure you remove your car within the time limit. And have to Purchased Cheap insurance for car.

Car From Salvation Army: Rules And Requirements

To qualify for free salvation army cars for sale, you must meet the essential criteria given below. Have a look at it. 

  • You must have a job with job proof or salary slip 
  • You must have a driving license of the state of residence
  • You must be capable of being insured (no DWI- driving while impaired or no DUI- driving under the influence of alcohol)
  • You do not have another vehicle in the house 
  • No offense record
  • You are not drug-addicted 
  • You can cover fees and other expenses like taxes, titles, tags, maintenance cost, insurance and fuel

Website Salvation Army Car Donation

You can find online many websites of Salvation army car donation, Who accepts car donation and also help you to find out the location of salvation car auction near me. They have also mentioned all terms & conditions and also on how to buy a car from the Salvation army. Yeah, we know It’s little difficult for you to find out them So, for your convenience we have listed here some Popular Salvation auto auction websites you can directly reach there,

Salvation Army North Visit Now
Salvation army eastern USA Visit Now
Habitat for Humanity Visit Now
Donate A Car Canada Visit Now
Donate cars Visit Now

The Salvation Army Car Donation center is the best source when you think out to donate a car or to receive a car when needed. Salvation Army Provides the Highest tax-deductible on donations compare to other charitable organizations. You can donate not only car but many things which are not being used by you or your family and not gonna will be used in the future you can donate it salvation army donation program.

Salvation Army Car Donation- Salvation Army Cars For Sale:

Low-income family or individuals are not living their best life due to a lack of money. They are making a compromise in many things like a standard of living, hobbies, activities, and many more. One such thing is the car. See car is one of the stuff that we need in our regular life. Many people living in remote areas, some are living with the retried person who ave health issues, single parents, senior citizen, etc. are some of the people who need a car for their daily tasks. 

I have seen many people working in two shifts to earn enough money. And many times these people look for free cars. To all those who are looking for a free vehicle for low-income families or individuals, salvation army cars are one such option. 

The salvation army was earlier known as East London Christian Mission. Methodist Reform Church minister William Booth and his wife Catherine Booth founded it London’s east end in 1865. After one incident, the East London Christian Mission is converted into The Salvation Army (TSA). It is a Protestant Christian church and an international charitable organization. They have more than 1.7 million members, including officers, soldiers, and followers. Together all the members are known as Salvationists.

Salvation Army is doing its best to help human welfare. They bring salvation for hungry, weak, and needy people by fulfilling physical as well as spiritual needs. 

At present, they are in 131 countries and offering shelters, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and running charity shops. One of their programs is the salvation army auto auction. You have to apply for the free car, fill the form with required paperwork, and they will help you at their best for sure. 

You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria first. If you have a question about how to get a donated car from salvation army, then in this post, you will get a perfect answer, but before that, look at its prerequisites.

FAQs For Salvation Army Car Auction

Q1: How to donate a vehicle at the Salvation Army auto auction?

A: Either visit the nearby charity store of the salvation army or call them and tell them you want to donate a car, and they will give you further information for the process.

Q2: Can I get tax benefit on a Donate car to Salvation Army?

A: Yes, on the donation of car, SUV, boat, truck, or other vehicles, you will get a maximum tax benefit.

Q3: Do Salvation army car donation Provide Pick up service?

A: Yes! The salvation army provides free pick up service. For that, you have to make a call and schedule a free pickup.

Q4: How does The salvation army cars for sale all donated cars?

A: Once the donor transfers the title of the vehicle to the Salvation Army, they either give it to the needy people or host salvation army auto auction on the decided day of each month.

Q5: How is the salvation army determined car value?

A: The value of any car is decided by the estimated amount they able to get in the auction. The bidder chooses the initial bid. There is no fixed minimum selling price or estimated selling price.

Q6: How to Get a tax benefit from the income tax department?

A: You have to provide your donation sleep or the details given by the charitable trust to get benefits in next year’s income tax.

Q7: Who can Go For Salvation army Car Auction?

A: Everyone who needs a car can go to the salvation army auto auction and get a vehicle from salvation army cars for sale.


It is all about the Salvation Army car donation. This will be the best car donation for to take car and donate car also. Hopefully, you got all of your answers on the salvation army donate car. If not, then use the comment section below for more information about the donate car to salvation army.

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