Free Towing: How To Get My Car Towed For Free in 2024?

By | August 3, 2023

Imagine – You’re having a day off from work and out for a holiday with kids by your car. Suddenly, your vehicle faces an incident of breakdown, which could be anything like an accident, a no-fuel alert, or a tire tragedy; you will be required immediate roadside assistance to tow (or transport) your immobilized car or (get my car towed for free) from that place to another location as per your plans.

There were times I’d been searching for how to get my car towed for free, soon to realize that’s a hilarious wandering to keep my eye looking for someone to come across the roadside, pull my car and get all the mess off on the day of your beautiful trip.

How to Get My Car Towed for Free?

Many auto insurance policies and roadside assistance programs involve free towing benefits as a part of their membership purchases or other services inclusion. Several automobile manufacturers, credit card companies, and local municipalities offer vehicle towing in their nearby areas or location.

Free Towing

Some car manufacturers offer free towing near me services by affiliating the nearest dealership or automobile authorization. Some auto insurance companies like State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, and Allstate also provide roadside assistance in emergencies when you’re stuck with a car breakdown.

To get my car towed for free, click along with the following list of the top 6 complimentary free towing services providing roadside assistance during the car breakdown.

  1. AAA (American Automobile Association)
  2. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
  3. Good Sam Roadside Assistance
  4. Better World Club
  5. Allstate Motor Club

Often free towing services are provided 24/7 on an emergency basis, anytime according to your need, day or night.

However, when offered without cost, these services involve the pre-existing membership or service contract with other organizations or companies as an added or complimentary benefit to other services you purchase.

When to get my car towed for free, it might be involved with other roadside assistance or services as well. You can check out the following, along with their side services.

  • Jump-starting a car battery.
  • Delivering fuel if the vehicle runs out.
  • Changing a flat tire.
  • Lockout services if keys are locked inside the vehicle.
  • Minor on-site repair services.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) often functions on the module to get my car towed for free to raise their customers. It is one of the most prominent and significant roadside assistance; almost 70 million members of this organization availing towing services in their emergency needs.

  • According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the most common reasons for car breakdowns are as follows.
    • Battery and Electrical System Issues
    • Flat Tires
    • Engine Cooling System Failures
    • Lockouts
    • Fuel Problems
    • Transmission and Clutch Problems
  • There are almost 30 million calls to get my car towed for free responded to, for roadside assistance every year, according to the survey released by the American Automobile Association (AAA).
  • However, apart from the breakdown causes, there is also a factor of illegal parking that causes your car to be towed by the police. We’ve discussed this separately: How To Get A Towed Car Back Without Paying?

Places To Get Free Towing Service Near Me

Not to mention the urgency to get free tow truck service near me is more about the insecurity of leaving the car aside without ensuring the vehicle’s safety. This could be a dilemma for many people, especially in rural areas where accessibility to automobile services is limited.

The following entities might assist you with the free towing service near me and provide trusted vehicle tow (or transport) services.

  1. Auto Insurance Companies
    • State Farm
    • GEICO
    • Progressive
    • Allstate
    • AAA
    • Farmers Insurance
    • Liberty Mutual
    • Nationwide
  2. Roadside Assistance Services
    • AAA (American Automobile Association)
    • AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Roadside Assistance
    • Good Sam Roadside Assistance
    • Better World Club
    • Allstate Motor Club
  3. Car Manufacturers
    • Ford
    • Chevrolet
    • Toyota
    • Honda
    • Hyundai
    • BMW
    • Mercedes-Benz
  4. Credit Card Companies
    • American Express
    • Chase
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
  5. Cell Phone Carriers
    • Verizon
    • AT&T
    • T-Mobile
    • Sprint
  6. App-Based Services
    • Honk
    • Blink Roadside
    • Roadside2Go
    • Agero
  7. Local Municipal Services
    • Phoenix, Arizona’s Safety Corridor Program
    • King County, Washington’s Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program
    • City of Chicago’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban

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Get Emergency Free Towing: Unlocking the Benefits

When your vehicle gets breakdown on the mid-roadway, several agencies and organizations provide free towing services. Typically the tow truck is used to accomplish such services that help transport or tow your car from the place of an incident to a new place where it can be repaired or looked after with safety and security.

Get Emergency Free Towing Unlocking the Benefits

You can speak to your auto insurance agent or review the insurance policy to check whether the free towing services are included. In most cases, they are covered with the initial first purchases. You can also look for membership plans to help you keep your vehicle secured during the breakdown.

Remember that don’t keep driving your car if you suspect it to be damaged or having a breakdown, as it could be dangerous, leading to a severe accident. Notice that when your car starts showing signs of trouble. The below signs might indicate your vehicle is about to have a breakdown.

  • Warning Lights
  • Unusual Noises
  • Smoke or Steam
  • Bad Smells
  • Decreased Performance
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Vibrations or Shakes
  • Problems with Shifting the Gears
  • The unusual feel of the Brake
  • Change in Exhaust Smoke

You can always look for immediate roadside assistance; if you’re found in a dangerous location or area where you feel unsafe, please call law enforcement agencies to tackle the situation.

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Cheapest Way to Tow a Car 100 Miles

Cheapest Way to Tow a Car 100 Miles

You can check out the credit card benefits, car dealer towing offering, or insurance membership plans for the cheapest way to tow a car 100 miles and alternative services that carry along the additional or complimentary towing for the vehicle during the emergency.

Many car insurance policies include roadside assistance or free car towing services at the relatively lowest cost compared to other services while paying the premiums.

Whenever I don’t have any roadside assistance membership to get my car towed for free, the only thing that helped me the most was calling the cheapest tow company for quotes.

However, the following is a list of other ways to help me find a budget-friendly free tow truck service near me.

  • Credit Card Benefits
  • Car Manufacturer Roadside Assistance
  • Shop Around and Negotiate
  • Join a Community Organization
  • Check Local Listings

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Benefits of Free Car Towing

As discussed, multiple entities, sources, or organizations provide free car towing to help you escape your stuck situation. We shall discuss the benefits of enrolling in a specific membership plan and enjoying an emergency tow service.

  • Cost Saving
    • Free car towing saves your cost, whereas typically, the towing services cost ranges from $75 to $125 if you don’t have a pre-membership plan.
    • Most towing companies charge hook-up fees ranging between $35 to $100. Moreover, there will be per-mile charges for towing your vehicle, typically between $2 to $5 per mile, without having any free towing courage.
  • Convenience
    • It is not required to mention, although for the worth and value of knowing you have a service to call when you’re stuck and stranded over the side of the road with your car.
    • Immediate assistance upon your requested area or location will be brought out without delay. This is what the free car towing services are made for, offering roadside assistance with 24/7 availability.
  • Safety and Security
    • The most awkward point is leaving your car aside the road, especially in traffic or at night. This is when immediate free car towing assistance comes to rescue your vehicle.
    • During the compromised or damaged state of your car, if you attempt to keep driving it, you might give it further damages that may result in the permanent distortion of the vehicle.
  • Additional Roadside Assistance
    • Beyond just free towing near me, its additional services cover a wide range of roadside assistance.
    • This is when the services like flat tire changes, jump starts, battery services, lockout services, minor mechanical aid, and fuel delivery can get you into trouble.

The discussed benefits of complimentary free towing services over the roadside during an emergency may have given you enough of the brief or core overview. However, we cannot neglect that we also get peace of mind while resolving urgent circumstances.

Personal guidance and navigation assistance or trip planning have become a new trend for some modern roadside assistance. They can also offer reimbursement for meals, lodging, and alternative transportation.

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It used to be challenging decades ago to contact someone from one place to another during an emergency. However, as you live in the 21st century, networks and connections are at your fingertips and have become lifestyle habits. You have to call roadside assistance or nearby free car towing services. This article includes the places and cheapest way to tow a car 100 miles and get them to serve your transportation needs.


What to do if I need a tow but have no money?

You must find nearby roadside assistance services if you’ve any membership or find insurance coverage that includes the towing services free of charge as added benefits. Although, if you have no money and require emergency assistance, call and negotiate with the cheapest tow company and demonstrate your present conditions.

How to get a free tow in California?

Get along with roadside assistance in California and become a member of AAA Southern California. Geico Emergency Road Service and Better World Club also provide free towing for your vehicle during an emergency.

Can AAA call roadside assistance?

The American Automobile Association (AAA) provides roadside assistance; you can call (800) 222-4357 and ask for towing services by sending them your location.

Is there any eligibility to get my car towed for free?

The towing services are mainly based on membership plans or premium insurance. Hence there are no legibility criteria. However, some non-profit organizations or federal roadside assistance may impose some specific eligibility based on the condition of your vehicle.

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