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By | June 10, 2022

Do you know how to get government assistance for car repairs? It is not very tough to ask for help from the Government. Many non-profit organizations and Governments are ready to help you with free car repair. Especially for low-income car owners, who don’t have savings or good credits, car repairing can be a considerable burden.

Nowadays, cars are not a luxury; it is a primary necessity of any family. For a middle-class family, buying a car cost them savings of a year. In this case, if they get any additional expenses for car repairing, they couldn’t bear it.

That is why we bring you the list of Government and non-profit organizations, which provide you the free money for car repairs. Read further to find out about how to get free car repair.

How To Get Free Money For Car Repairs?

There are several ways to get free car repair. It would help if you were vigilant and attentive while asking for help. Some government schemes and non-profit organizations like charity, churches, and many other organizations are willing to pay for your car repair. “I need my car fixed but have no money,” if this thought is in your mind, read further to know how to get free money for car repairs.

government assistance for car repairs

Get government assistance for car repairs.

Government Assistance For Car Repairs:

The Federal Government has a JOB ACCESS AMD REVERSE COMMUTE (JARC) program, which helps low-income individuals and welfare recipients for free car repair like new tires, transmissions, and other mechanical and electrical maintenance in the car. This welfare car vouchers from the federal Government or DHS to pay for car repairs and non-profit resources.

JARC is limited funding and in scope opportunity for free car repair by several non-profit organizations. Only a few towns, cities, and countries offer this government assistance for car repairs. Their prime focus is on the people who need transportation for educational, work, or job training reasons.

It is also for single mothers, unemployed, veterans, and people using cash welfare programs like TANF.

Suppose the candidate does not qualify for the free car repair near them or automobile vouchers using JARC federal government transportation assistant program. In that case, he can still get free car repair from this scheme. Many non-profit organizations partner with the federal transit Administration on JARC, and they offer low-interest loans to pay maintenance and emergency repairs to cars or heavy vehicles.

This federal government program’s main intention is to dress the transportation challenges of low-income, working poor, minorities, and those who need an automobile to get to work or college. It also offers free money for car repairs to single parents with children, including single mothers or fathers.

The provided money should be used for transportation challenges or helping people get or keep their employment/job. Moreover, it also offers microloans for repairing cars and trucks or aid for general transportation assistance and services.

Which Criteria For the Government Free Car Repair Program?

This assistance aims to ensure people have safe and reliable care to use for transportation to and from work. For example, many entry-level jobs are located in the suburb or countryside areas where public transport may not be reliable. Fort these low-income individuals’ car is necessary for the transportation. In such a case, the application is eligible for JARC.

government assistance for car repairs

free car repair from the Government

These funds are given by Government Job Access and Reverse Commute program to assist a low-income individual with free car repair and cover transportation expenses. So, it prepares individuals to be self-sufficient. So, these funds help people to maintain their employment status and assist in critical conditions.

This government scheme not only consider distance, but it also considers the time of work. In some cases, the work distance is not an issue. Still, the working time is of late-night or not align with public transportation, especially for women and single mothers who work on the weekends or late at night, it isn’t easy to find public transport or taxi.

So, Job Access and Reverse Commute services help you with transportation. Many single mothers need some money for car repair, and they are working at night or on weekends. So, JARC helps them to solve their transportation issue and helps to maintain their employment.

Other cases like employment-related trips with multiple destinations, including childcare facilities or other services, the Government will assist you with such transportation requirements. Multiple destinations traveling is not possible in public transportation if you have a strict work schedule. So, you get government assistance for car repairs like maintenance, new tires, repairs, etc.

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The government provides funds to many different non- profit organizations across the country. So, this assistance is not directly offered to people. If you need help with transportation, you need to apply to non-profit organizations. Some organizations provide JARC assistance as a part of a program called Ways to Work.

How To Apply For Government Assistance For Car Repairs?

This JARC program has minimal funding, and very few non-profit organizations provide cash assistance to low-income individuals. If you want to know about this JARC program and know about the non-provider organization which provides free money for car repairs, you should call 211.

They have detailed information about the eligibility, money limit, and suggestions to families needing their car fixed. These non-profits are generally agency that welcomes applications for any resources available.

What Are Other Options To Get Free Money For Car Repairs?

If the JARC programs are not available in your state, then community action agencies or non- profit organization will give you other suggestions or referrals to solve your transportation problem. The responsible person at the agency can tell you about the other car repair or transportation assistance programs.

free car repair

free money for car repairs

There are many grants and funds provided by local organizations like churches, catholic charities, local Salvation Army centers, and many more to help people with transportation. Emergence Financial aid provided by these non-profit organizations helps you with car repair or automobile loans. For these, usually, you need to be a low-income individual. They also offer a low-cost loan to pay for car repairs.

Non-profits like a local Credit union may provide you with funds to pay for emergency repair bills to go to a job. Some local banks are also lending money to low-income individual to pay for various transportation costs like maintenance work, new tires, repairs, and many more. These programs are often running in partnership with federal government Job Access and Reverse Commute Program.

Each agency has its eligibility conditions that need to be fulfilled by applicants. For example, 0% interest loans’ approval is not based on the applicant’s credit history. This condition is similar to many organizations.

However, many organizations look for the applicant’s budget and overall financial condition before approving a 0% loan. Read further to know how churches help with car repairs or other options to get free money for car repairs.

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Regional Charities, And Churches That Help With Car Repairs

Some regional charities like the charitable auto resources Seattle which give you a car for free. Each of them has a qualification and application procedure. They may not provide a large sum of money, but this small help can ease your financial trouble and transportation issues.

Regional Charities and non-profit organizations can also provide a free used car to low-income families who qualify for their program or aid. They also offer referrals to the local garages to fix your car at a low rate.

  • United Methodist Church Ministries:

If you wonder which churches that help with car repairs, the answer is United Methodist Church. This regional faith-based organization works for the local community, and they also provide help with car repairs. Usually, the volunteer auto mechanics fix your car without any charges if referred by the church.

Some church ministries also offer free car repair assistance, a free new car, or free rides depends on the funds available. Usually, free car repair includes only the cost of labor. The car owner has to pay to cost of parts that need to be replaced.

  • St. Vincent De Paul:

It is one of the largest Churches and charitable organizations that provides some donations to help low-income families with transportation issues. The local car shop owner coordinates with the local parishes to assist in free car repair. So, this is the best option in churches that help with car repairs.

In the free car repair, the car owner will be paying for the parts that need to be replaced, and only labor charges will be free of cost.

  • Car Ministry Program:

The car Ministry program is of Regional charities and churches. This program provides a free used car to low-income families or individuals who are eligible for transportation assistance. They also offer car repair assistance for needy families, including new tires, maintenance, and other car parts expenses.

  • Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation:

This foundation is in Arizona, which provides car help or refers to a trustworthy mechanic who can offer free services. So, this foundation doesn’t provide your direct assistance, but from this, you can know about the mechanic who can provide Free car repair.

  • Brevard County Florida Community Action Agency:

This Florida-based agency provides you low interest or 0 interest loans to fix your car. The rate of interest depends on your income.

  • A Helping Hand Ministry:

A helping Hand Ministry offers free Transportation assistance in Atlanta, Georgia. You can call on (770)684 0038 to get more information.

  • Domestic Violence Transportation Program:

This program’s primary purpose is to help a single mother in transportation and provide free car repair in King County, Seattle, and WA.

  • Lutheran Services:

Lutheran Services has a vast network of human service organizations with local community action agencies across the country. This organization coordinates with the other local charities and action agencies to provide financial help to low-income families. You can get free money for car repairs from this agency.

This non-profit organization also provides help on how to get a car donation. Each state or town has specific eligibility criteria for different programs. Some of them also offer referrals to the local mechanic who willing to fix your car-free.

  • Local Community Action Agencies:

Local Community Action Agencies are in every state and town. The sole intention of these agencies to provide transportation needs and employment assistance. Each action agency has its program and qualifications. Some of them provide free car repair or other providers your referral to the local mechanic who is willing to fix your car free of cost.

Theses local action agencies also provide low-cost loans for car repair and maintenance and offer free transportation for a job interview, medical appointment, or other emergencies. The Government partially funds these local agencies.

  • Local Salvation Army:

Local Salvation Army provides repair programs and transportation assistance at the regional level. Each Salvation Army has its programs and eligibility rules. For help, you need to meet the requirements.

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National Car Repair Organizations

Some National agencies provide Free car repair or transportation assistance incorporating with local charities and mechanics.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Only a few people know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) can provide you free money for car repairs. The only thing is that they provide money for the specific problem of the car.

So, you need to look at the official website of NHTSA and find the recalls option. Click on it and enter the VIN of your vehicle. If your car is on that list, take your car to the dealership where it will be fixed free of cost. I need my car fixed but have no money; then, you should look at the NHTSA website.

  • Ways to Work:

This non-profit organization helps you to provide transportation for a job, interview, or medical appointment. They also offer car repair financial help by giving loans at low interest. People can pay to repair their car and use that car for transportation to and from work.

This organization also provides JARC funds in their program. SO, if you are using this program, you cannot apply for the JARC program. They also support you in buying a new car. For more information, you can call on (866) 252-7171.

  • 1-800 Charity Cars:

This charity organization accepts old car donation. So, they provide these old cars to the matched applicant. You need to meet the requirement of the program to be a successful applicant. They also help you with paying car repair.

You will get free money for car repairs. Sometimes they give you referrals of a local mechanic who are willing to fix your car-free.

  • Working Cars for Working Families:

This national agency helps you solve your transportation troubles. Especially for low-income families, they offer to provide finance or used cars. They work with many other local agencies to help income families.

This national agency also provides information on how and where to ask for free auto repair assistance. For more details and services, you can check on their official website. Get free cars for the needy

The Lift Garage:

The Lift Garage is a non-profit auto repair shop that helps low-income families or individuals who live below the poverty line. If you want any transportation assistance, you can check on their official website for more information.

You can also get free money for car repairs. You need to verify your income before getting any aid from this organization. If you are on WIC, TANF, SNAP, or SSI, you need to prove that you receive these services.


The workforce is a national program that helps you to get back to work. For the transportation assistant, you should directly go to the Workforce Office. They have all information about Transportation grants programs and free used cars.

Suppose you are in a work-study program, job training, or finished a vocational training program. In that case, you can visit the office and know about the employment and benefits that you are eligible for.

Women to Work:

In some families, women are the bread earners. To support women, this organization provides to and from transportation to work and other essential areas. They also assist with childcare, employment, clothes, closet, and free car repair. Women can call on 412-742-4362 for more information and guidance.

Career Connection:

This program offers New Jersey-based transportation grants to work and provides a discount on automobile insurance to qualified drivers or applicants. This program is available locally. You need to check your eligibility on the official website.

Veteran’s Administration:

If you are a veteran with a service-based injury, they will help you purchase a specialized vehicle or equipment to make your life comfortable. They allow a one-time grant of $21488.29 for buying any automobile or specialized vehicle.

It is not easy to get government assistance for car repairs, as their grants are limited, and you need to meet some qualifications. In addition to the Government, there are many national agencies and local, regional charities and churches that help with car repairs. For a low-income family, car repair can create an acute financial crisis.

Hopefully, from this article, you know about where to ask for free car repair. Comment below if you have any questions.

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