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By | December 12, 2022

Having a car does not always mean that you would have enough money to maintain it. Sometimes, your auto-repair expenses go beyond your budget and monthly sustenance. Cutting additional burdens requires free car repairs for low income families to manage out-of-wallet costs. Several Government Assistance For Car Repairs programs aids your vehicle repair expenses.

Especially low income families are more likely to get federal assistance to enhance sustainable transportation services to the state’s people. Many government grants for auto repair shops and other charitable programs are there to rescue your emergency car damages and maintenance expenses you may not afford.

Government Assistance For Car Repairs

Nowadays, cars are not a luxury but a family’s primary necessity. For a low income family, buying a car costs them savings of a year. Sparking to scenery, the financial collapse would be inevitable if they get any additional expenses to their car without any Government Assistance for Car Repairs.

Government Assistance For Car Repairs

Here, we bring you the list of Government assistance for car repairs and other non-profit organizations which provide you the free money for car repairs. Read further to find out about how to get free car repair.

Many government grants for auto repair shops provide help for car repair, and other charitable programs are also there to rescue your emergency car damages and maintenance expenses you may not afford.

Financial Assistance for Car Repair

Low-income families are more likely to get federal grants under financial assistance for car repairs and have sustainable transportation services provided by the state.

Financial Assistance for Car Repairs

In this article, we have covered the in-brief information and comprehensive coverage about the different organizations, institutions, and programs that help in financial assistance for car repairs.

Car Ministry Program

The car Ministry program is the Regional charities and churches. This program provides financial assistance for free car repairs for low income families or individuals eligible for transportation assistance. They also offer car repair assistance for needy families, including new tires, maintenance, and other car parts expenses.

Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation

This foundation in Arizona provides car help or refers to a trustworthy mechanic who can offer free services. So, this foundation doesn’t provide your direct assistance, but through this, you can get the details about the mechanic providing and get your financial assistance for car repair.

Brevard County Florida Community Action Agency

This Florida-based agency provides low-interest or 0-interest loans to fix your car. The rate of interest depends on your income. However, it is now easier to have financial assistance for car repair with such community-based car service programs.

A Helping Hand Ministry

A Helping Hand Ministry offers free Transportation assistance in Atlanta, Georgia. You can call on (770)684 0038 to get more information. The offering includes engine damages, exterior and interior car repairs, and various accidental car service packages.

Domestic Violence Transportation Program

This program primarily aims to help single mothers with transportation and provide free car repair in King County, Seattle, and WA. Financial assistance for car repair may help them maintain their traveling diary without a damaged vehicle or accident.

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Government Grants for Auto Repair Shops

There are government grants for auto repair shops and other car repair funding provided by local organizations such as churches, catholic charities, local Salvation Army centers, etcetera to help people with their ease of transportation.

Government Grants for Auto Repair Shops

Emergence Financial aid these non-profit organizations provide helps you get grants for car repair or automobile loans to serve vehicle maintenance.

Usually, government grants for auto repair shops are accessible to low income individuals. However, assistance for car repair is also offered to vulnerable people who suddenly lose money in accidents. They also offer a low-cost loan to pay for car repairs.

Below are some organizations that provide you with government grants for auto repair shops.

  • National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE)
  • Intuit’s Love our Local Bussiness
  • Operation Homefront
  • Amber Grant
  • Idea Cafe Small Bussiness Grant

Non-profit organizations like a local Credit union may provide you with funds to pay for emergency repair bills to go to a job. Some local banks are also lending money to low income individuals to pay for various transportation costs like maintenance work, new tires, repairs, and many more. 

These programs often partner with the federal government Job Access and Reverse Commute Program (JARC). However, the law has been revoked now, and you cannot apply for the JARC car repair application to get assistance with car repairs.

Each agency has its eligibility conditions that need to be fulfilled by applicants. For example, 0% interest loan approval is not based on the applicant’s credit history. This condition is similar to many organizations assisting with car repairs.

However, many organizations look for the applicant’s budget and overall financial condition before approving a 0% loan. Read further to know how churches help with car repairs or other options to get free money for car repairs.

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National Car Repair Organizations

Some National agencies provide Free car repair or transportation assistance incorporating local charities, institutions, mechanics, and community groups.

government assistance for car repairs

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Only a few people know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) can provide you with free money for car repairs. The only thing is that they provide money for the specific problem of the car.

So, you need to look at the official website of NHTSA and find the recalls option. Click on it and enter the VIN of your vehicle. If your car is on that list, take it to the dealership, where it will be fixed free of cost. I need my car fixed but without money, you should look at the NHTSA website.

Ways to Work (WTW)

This non-profit organization helps you to provide transportation for a job, interview, or medical appointment. They also offer car repair financial help by giving loans at low interest. People can pay to repair their cars and use them for transportation to and from work.

This organization also provides JARC funds in its program. So, if you are using this program, you cannot apply for the JARC program. They also support you in buying a new car. For more information, call (866) 252-7171.

1-800 Charity Cars

This charity organization accepts old car donations. So, they provide these old cars to the matched applicant. You need to meet the program requirements to be a successful applicant. They also help you with paying for car repairs.

You will get free money for car repairs. Sometimes they refer you to a local mechanic willing to fix your car for free.

Working Cars for Working Families

This national agency helps you solve your transportation troubles. Especially giving free car repairs for low income families. They offer to provide finance or used cars. They work with many other local agencies to help income families.

This national agency also provides information on how and where to request free auto repair assistance. For more details and services, you can check on their official website. Free cars for the Needy

The Lift Garage

The Lift Garage is a non-profit auto repair shop that helps low income families or individuals below the poverty line. You can check their official website for more information if you want transportation assistance.

You can also get free money for car repairs. You need to verify your income before getting any aid from this organization. If you are on WIC, TANF, SNAP, or SSI, you must prove that you receive these services.


The workforce is a national program that helps you return to work. For the transportation assistant, you should go directly to the Workforce Office. They have all information about Transportation grants programs and free used cars.

Suppose you are in a work-study or job training program or have finished a vocational training program. In that case, you can visit the office and learn about the employment and benefits you are eligible for.

Women to Work

In some families, women are the bread earners. This organization provides transportation to work and other essential areas to support women. They also assist with childcare, employment, clothes, closet, and free car repair. Women can call on 412-742-4362 for more information and guidance.

Career Connection

This program offers New Jersey-based transportation grants to work and provides a discount on automobile insurance to qualified drivers or applicants. This program is available locally. You need to check your eligibility on the official website.

Veteran’s Administration

If you are a veteran with a service-based injury, they will help you purchase a specialized vehicle or equipment to make your life comfortable. They allow a one-time grant of $21488.29 for buying any automobile or specialized car.

Free Car Repair for Low Income Families

Almost 61% of Americans cannot afford the extra $1000 in emergency expenses. Such expenses range from medical to car repair costing. Free car repairs for low income families have become the state’s prevailing need of an hour.

Free Car Repair for Low-Income Family

American Automobile Association (AAA) suggests the average car repair cost is $500 to $600, which lends you free money for car repairs. In contrast, the maintenance cost for a new car is $792 per year. 

The best part is you shall now find a breakout here for your financial costing to release your assistance search for free car repair for low income families near me while you seek help for car repair in an emergency.

One of the surveys conducted by the AAA states that almost 75% of U.S drivers still need to fix their regular maintenance with a particular shop due to trust issues in the Car repair shops. They all require some government assistance for car repairs.

Financial Assistance for Car Repairs

There are several ways to get a free car repair for low income families. It would help if you were vigilant and attentive while asking for help. Some government schemes and non-profit organizations like charities, churches, and many others are willing to help you whenever you need help with car repairs.

This federal government program’s main intention is to address the transportation challenges of low income, providing grants for car repairs, the working poor, minorities, and those who need automobiles to get to work or college. It also offers free money for car repairs to single parents with children, including single mothers or fathers, when they need help with car repairs.

  • The provided money via free car repairs for low income families should be used for transportation challenges or helping people get or keep their employment/job. Moreover, it also offers microloans for repairing cars and trucks or aid for general transportation assistance and services.
  • In other cases, like employment-related trips providing grants for car repairs with multiple destinations, including childcare facilities or other services, the Government will assist you with such free money for car repairs in transportation requirements.

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Several community action agencies or non-profit organizations in the state will give you suggestions or referrals if you are seeking free car repairs near me and striving to solve your transportation problem. The person responsible at the agency can tell you about the other car repair or transportation assistance programs.

free car repair

Multiple destinations are not possible via public transportation if you have a strict work schedule. So, you get government assistance for free car repairs, and several other forms of grants for car repairs under the maintenance costs like new tires, engine, lubrication work, exterior, and interior damages, etcetera.

Does the JARC Car Repair Application have been Repealed?

The Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) program has been repealed and no longer operates. It used to provide funding under the federal transit administration. The JARC car repair application under Section 5307 of Urbanized area formula grants and Formula grants for rural Area 5311 cannot be applied since the federal transit administration has revoked the law (FTA).

JARC Car Repair Application

People who want to apply for the JARC car repair application still need other ways to gain the free car repair benefits, where the government assistance for car repairs doesn’t require filling out the JARC car repair application form.

  • You shall contact 211 for detailed and alternative “ways to work” programs to get free car repairs in your local or regional area. They have detailed information about the eligibility, money limit, and suggestions for families needing their car fixed. 
  • These non-profits are generally agencies that welcome applications for any resources available and get your spots fixed for free car repair near me on several emergencies.

Free Repair: “I need my car fixed but have no money.”

Have you kept juggling for “I need my car fixed but have no money” all these years if this thought is in your mind, read further to learn how to get free money for car repairs.

Free Repair “I need my car fixed but have no money.”

No money is most likely a common issue for individuals, especially for low income families; they are often stuck in their cognitive process with a blur of self-sabotages that speak with themselves and stay with, “I need my car fixed but have no money.”

There are government scheme that considers not only distance but also the time of work. In some cases, the work distance is not an issue. Still, the working time is late-night or does not align with public transportation.

Especially for women and single mothers who work on the weekends or late at night, it isn’t easy to find public transport or taxi.

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Family  (TANF): It benefits low income families and individuals having car damages, which completely vanishes their transportation scope.
  • Community Action Agencies: It will be easy to search for the I need my car fixed but have no money,” especially in your local area or the region there are several community action agencies CAA available to serve you with free car repair in an emergency.

Free Car Repair for Disable

Alternatively, there is also the organization, though not specific, but it would be helpful to disabled people. Free car repairs for disabled people are available now in your local area, and programs are under the local salvation army campaign.

Many other community programs also offer free car repairs for the disabled at your convenience. You can look after some programs here.

Local Community Action Agencies

Local Community Action Agencies (CAA) are in every state and town. The sole intention of these agencies is to provide transportation needs, financial assistance for car repair, and employment opportunities.

Each action agency has its program and qualifications. Some of them provide free car repair for disabled people, or other providers your referral to the local mechanic who is willing to fix your car free of cost.

These local action agencies also provide low-cost car repair and maintenance loans and offer free transportation for job interviews, medical appointments, or other emergencies. The Government partially funds these local agencies to deliver free car repair for disable people.

Local Salvation Army

Local Salvation Army provides repair programs and transportation assistance at the regional level to disabled people as well. Each Salvation Army has its agenda and eligibility rules. You can access their financial aid for care repair on their website, an authorized point of contact in your local region.

The Salvation Army campaign is provided under the community help center and several pressure groups to assist low income families and procure their traveling resilience.

Typical, per vehicle repair cost covered by the salvation army is $250. However, the essential parts of the vehicle damaged car may raise the total cost that is waived off for the disabled people.

Churches that Help with Car Repairs Near me

It is the most commonly served stop for car drivers seeking free car repair during their trips. Many churches that help with car repairs near you would get it according to their nearby local area where existing social community groups or institutes can be found.

government assistance for car repairs

Some regional charities, like the charitable auto resources Seattle, give you a car for free. Each of them has a qualification and application procedure. They may not provide a large sum of money, but this small help can ease your financial trouble and transportation issues.

Regional Charities that help with car repair and other NGOs – non-profit organizations can also offer a free used car to low income families who qualify for their program or aid. They also provide referrals to the local garages to fix your car at a low rate.

United Methodist Church Ministries

If you wonder which church that help with car repairs, the answer is United Methodist Church. This regional faith-based organization works for the local community, and they also provide help with car repairs. Usually, volunteer auto mechanics fix your car without any charges if referred by the church.

Some church ministries also offer free car repair assistance, a new car, or free rides depending on available funds. Usually, free car repair includes only the cost of labor. The car owner has to pay for parts that need to be replaced.

St. Vincent De Paul

It is one of the largest Churches that help with free car repairs and other charitable organizations that provide some donations to help low income families with transportation issues. 

The local car shop owner coordinates with the local parishes to assist in free car repair. So, this is the best option in churches that help with car repairs.

In the free car repair, the car owner will be paying for the parts that need to be replaced, and only labor charges will be free of cost.

Charities that Help with Car Repairs

More than 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations exist in the United States. Many typically focused charity organizations would assist low-income families, single mothers, the elderly, disabled people, and veterans. Here, you will get a list of charities that help with car repairs, especially for eligible low income recipients.

Charities that Help with Car Repairs

Charities that help with car repairs may have their application process, service limitation, and eligibility criteria. Although, you must consider that not all non-profit organization is regarded as a charity under the 501(c)(3) organizations, a specific subset of NGOs.

1.Good News Garage

Serving in car repairs for over 30 years, the Good News Garage has built a reputation now for providing free car repairs for needy and low income people.

From engine repair and replacement to Electrical system diagnosis and repair, this is one of the charities that help with car repairs at the lowest cost possible.

2.United Way

This national organization works solely to improve underprivileged people and low-income families.

Many local United Way branches might giveaway their replacement cars or provide you the free repairs based on your car’s condition.

3.Modest Needs

If you are facing certain expenses from your monthly budget that unexpectedly have taken a toll, you must consider this Modest Needs Nonprofit.

It has an amazing mechanism where you can apply for help putting your story which must be true and verifiable against your financial and other conditions to get the unsustainable car repair expenses.

4.Veterans Organizations

For military personnel and veterans, there are organizations like Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Operation Homefront (OP) that can help with car repairs.

You must check with your local veteran’s organization that provides the assistance program. Most of your vehicle repair and maintenance cost is covered by these organization.

5.Community Action Partnership

Find the Community Action Agency near you, and participate in their community action network programs that may help you with car repairs and maintenance.

The nearby CAP agency might also provide the benefits of equipment replacements; you must regularly visit their community action monthly toolkit to get a brief expansion of their services.

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This is a comprehensive article with in-brief information about government assistance for car repairs and free car repair for low income families, along with other government grants for auto repair shops and national car repair organizations.


What to do if your car breaks down and you have no money?

Several community help groups and federal programs provide financial assistance for car repair to low income families. You can check on the federal transit administration (FTA) website to avail of specific car repair grants.

How can I save money on a car repair?

Suppose you’re short of money and your car repair cost is out-of-your-wallet expenses. In that case, you may check the available church community offering help for car repair or the ongoing federal program for free car repair.

What happens if you can’t afford to pay your mechanic?

Ask your mechanic if he has collaborated with himself or his auto repair shop for specific federal free car repair programs if the shop is engaged in such welfare schemes, your payment might get waived off and reduced to minimal cost.

What to do with broken down car?

You shall visit a nearby visit or the churches offering auto repair services as a part of the community help programs. You may have a scope of free maintenance, or in case of complete damage; you can also get some money for the car’s usable parts.

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