How to Get a Free Car From the Government 2019 (7 Days Delivery)

By | July 17, 2019

Not everyone’s position is good to buy a new car. Without a car to travel is hard with family. Some places have a lack of public transport system availability that time car is the best option to travel. That’s why we guide you on how to get a free car from the government.

Most of us have a dream to own a car; even my dream is the same. But due to some reason, life does not give me a chance to have it. After trying so many options, I come to know that the government gives a free car to some users who fulfill some criteria. Yes, it helps me a lot, and hence today I am here to help you too. So get a grant for low income families to buy a car today!

During weekends or holidays, we travel with family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or relatives. There are very fewer chances that we travel alone. And with a group, it is hard to travel without a car. Yes, you can rent a car but owning a car is a completely different thing. 

Public transport is not in favorable condition all the time. Sometimes all are overcrowded or not frequent. Even sometimes, such places you want to visit do not have any public transport and thinks about how to get a free car!  What will you do in such situations? That’s why I am saying buying a car is the best option. I know everyone can’t afford to buy a new car, but some ways help people to get their first car.  And do you know that you can get a free car from a government? I know you are excited to know more information about it. Let me tell you what my scenario was.

We have a family of six, and for us, it was always hard to go here and there for a vacation or holidays. At that time, I thought to get a free car. The first question that arises in my mind is that are there any actual option available to get the free car as I do not have money at that time. And after searching and surfing, I got few ways to get a free car so, I sharing here how to get a free car from the government

Government helps those low-income families, Single Moms, Students to get a new or used car. Even Non-Profit Organizations & Non-Governmental organizations ready to help those people. 

They have some criteria for giving a free car. If you are under those criteria, then you can also get free cars from Government. The Good Part is they don’t check credit score so even if you have the bad score of credit money. Still, they accept your request to the government car assistance program and welfare car voucher.

Eligibility Criteria Free Car From Government Programme

For the Applying Government car Programme, you need to fit any one of the listed below criteria. If you are one of them, then apply it. Government helps you to how to get a free car from the government.

After you know one can get a free car from the government, you must have to find are you eligible to get free from government. A certain class of society gets a free car from the government, such as people who are living below the poverty line, orphanages, school students of the ruler area, veterans, etc. Here you will find are you eligible or not to get a free car. If you are not, then do not disappoint as we have shared some alternate ways as well as grants for low-income families to buy a car.

how to get a free car from the government

Government Free car program

Schools located in the ruler area have transportation problems. And hence the government provides vans to such schools. These vans are pick up and drop off the students from school to home and home to school. It makes it easier for students to travel to such areas. Even it also provides helps to schools and orphanages with financial stuff which can be used for some necessary facilities.

Here are different classes of society who are eligible for free car:

  1. Everyone above 18 plus
  2. Low incomes families
  3. Disable people
  4. Single mother
  5. Veterans/ military families
  6. Student/ poor schools and orphanages
  • Everyone Above 18 Plus: Everyone whose age is 18 years or old can get a car under a car donation program of the government. To get a car, you have to fulfill some basic requirement and follow the procedure. After that, you will get a free car from the government.
  • Low Incomes Families: All those families who fall in the category of the low-income or below the poverty line can apply for a free car donation program by the government. Those families who have more than two child and low income are considered for a free car.

Another question is how to get money from the government for a  free car. Then if you belong to a low-income family, you can opt for various grants. It is in the form of direct monetary help or subsidies. The chances of getting such grants are very high if you have two children in the family. Even if you do have a single child or you are single mother, then also you can apply for such grants for low-income families to buy a car. 

People with physical disabilities can also have a low income as they have fewer chances for income. For such people, the government also provides many grants. For them, transportation is a hard task. Public transit is not less than hell. So it is the government’s moral duty to provide a car for such people. The government also d monetary help. To opt such help, you have to apply first.

Keep in mind, most of the schemes are for poor people to uplift them. So your income must be less than the minimum income decided by the country. If you can’t fulfill this basic need, then your application will be rejected in the free car from the government Program.

How to Get a Free car for Disabled People:

Disable people deserve free can from the government. Due to some incident or natural disability, they can’t live a normal life like other people. It was taken into account by the government to give them a free car. 

It is hard to get a free car for those people who do not have any physical disability as they can afford a car or work hard to buy a car. Disable person can’t do excessive hard work, and hence the government provides them a free car. If you are eligible for this category, then you can fill the registration form and provides required documents as proof. And in some days you will get the keys of your free car. 

The Peoples who are disabled will get donated car for the transportation & hill to their Pain. Disable People can apply to charity Program they will get the instant new car. You need to attach Disability Certificate with the Documents.  We also recommend you to take part in programs to help get a car. From there you can also get new free car.

  • Single Mother:

A single mother can’t earn as much as two people earn. Even a single mother has to manage all other tasks with earning. A car from the government is considered as a great help to all single mother. Even if she does not have a job, then she can use the car as a taxi. If a single has more than two children, then she has to manage the cost of living, education expenses, transportation cost, etc. 

Get a Free Car From The Government

Free Cars For Single Mom

The government provided Free cars For Single Mom who have low incomes and want a free car for transportation and to care for her baby. Single Mom using it pick up her child from school and other daily activity. Single Moms can also apply for free cars from Government Program.

  • Veterans: 

Veterans or military families are also eligible to get a free car from the government. The Government takes action on veterans to request faster because they give their Full life to help the country. The Cars for Veterans Program already running to give Descent life for veterans.

Disabled Peoples government assistance for cars

Car donations for disabled Veterans

Veterans have given their whole life for the country, and hence, it is the job of government to honor the veterans of the country. Yes, every veteran can’t apply for a free car. They also have to fulfill some requirement that decided by the state. 

During your duty, if you were injured, then you can probably get all most all the grants given by management. So first check all your requirement and then eligibility criteria and go to the nearest veteran office to claim your free car, Just apply for Government free cars for veterans Program 

  • Students/ Poor Schools And Orphanages

A student who is from low-income family background, NPO will help them financially and provides a free car. Already many organizations running free cars for Student Program. This Organization helps them with Study fees and transportation. So, Students apply today for Students govt car Program.

Student Government Car Program

how to get a donated car for Student

Poor schools and orphanages that are located in isolated areas need a car, and hence, the government gives them a free car or vehicle for transportation. 

Update: The new program for a free car from the government program is started to apply to them with all valid documents.

Submit Document For Free Car From Government

Application and submission is the most exciting part for you as you want to get your free car as soon as possible. Before I share the process, I want to share how to get the money from the government for a car or how to get a free car from the government directly.

Keep in mind; the government does not provide cash. Instead, they provide credit card money or cheque to buy a car. But you have to follow a proper process and submit the documents for that to get the free car you have to submit the document to government. Once they accept, you will get a fund from $10000 to 50000$.

Another thing that makes you happy that for the government process, you do not have to do so much paperwork. And you do not have to wait so much longer. If your application is successfully accepted, then within 15-20 days all the process will complete, you will get your free car.

Apply For Free Car From Government

While applying for a free car from the government, they asked a reason why you need a free car. So you need a valid reason for it. We also have listed from where you can get a free car below in this post. So do not worry if your application rejected.

The Government provides you a cheque or credit money in your Bank account according to the limit from $10000-50000$. For applying, you have to submit your document to Government.

Once all the documents are verified successfully listed criteria people get easy approval, and you don’t need to do a much of Paperwork and time. In Document, you need to give the Proper Reason for why you want a free car. Apply here if you face difficulty then comment below.

When you have done and applied within 15-20 days, you get the answer from the Government regarding your free car.

Get Free Used Cars From Charity

The Non-Profit Organization and Non-Governmental Organization will provide the used cars or new free cars for Low-income families. People donated their used cars to get a tax deduction from the Government.

Government car assistance Program

Government Car Assistance

You are donating free cars a good deal for both you and the Donator or Organizations. The donated vehicle will be reused, and the donor gets rid of from the IRS. Contact the Charity; this is the best way to get a car. If you can’t get a car, then you can also try to contact the Used and New Car Dealership at your nearest location.

The Alternative Program Of Free Car From Government

If your request for a free car from the government will not be accepted then don’t worry, there are many alternative options available to get a free car. The Great Person Never loses Hope.

Do you Know About free government cars…….?

Have You Heard about government car assistance……?

Are You Aware Of car government program………?

You can get a free car from any of this Program.

There are many organizations and charitable trust who provide fantastic deals for your car. People donate the car to people like you who need it. And this donated vehicle can be reusable after proper service. By this way, donors can get tax deduction next year, and another person will get a car for free. 

If you do not get a car, then you can also try to get used or new cars with the help of car dealers. Governmental and non-governmental organizations also offer cars to some families for free. There are some Non-Profit Organizations are also there who offer new cars or donate cars to needy people. 

For me, a free car from the government did not work, and hence, I found some alternative ways. One way works for me, so I thought let me share this too with you. Read the next topic carefully because it is important.

Alternative Program To Get Free Car From Government

As I already said, if you have missed the chance to get a free car due to any reason, then do not get disappointed. There are still two more ways to get a donated or new car. Hopefully, like me, it also works for you. Finger crossed government help buying a car surely 

Way 1: Request Letters & Email:

See request can melt anyone, so this is the best way to get a free car without making lots of effort. You can either mail a letter or do email. Here I am showing you steps for email method. 

Primarily make a list of all rich, financially stable, and wealthy people whom you know. Now check whether they can donate a car or not. Prefer those people who can donate their one of the old car to you. 

Next, write your story and tell them under which situation you are going through and why you need a free car. Add your emotions in your words. Tell them how it will be beneficial to you and how you will use it.

If your words can melt the then the car is ready for you but it can’t then you have to pick another way. If you get a positive response from any of the person, then ask them where you can get a free car. Hopefully, one of them will get ready to donate their old car to you or help you to buy your new car.

Way 2: Car from the Auctions: 

Not all old car will be sold, and hence the garage person will hold an auction for all automobile that is not sold out. Each weekend many car auctions held. Go to the place of auction and contact auction manager. There are many cars for which no one is interesting to buy. If you want one of such a car, then chances of getting a free car may increase. Tell your story and ask for a free car. If the manager is a good human being, he might help you and gives your car for free.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Section

After posting this article, many People commented and sent us Email and send the same Queries, so we are going to cover up these Questions. Our Free Cars for Charity team. We try our best to get a free car for People from Government. We make the world a better place.

  • How can I get a free government grant?

We Suggest you use the federal government’s charity program, Submit the form for Free government Car & Grant Program. Government centralizes information from more than 1,000 government grant & Free Cars programs to help states and organizations find and apply for grants. You can Find link Button Up for Fill form.

  • Who can apply for Free Car from Government Program?

Any person who has a valid Car driving license identity from Government can apply for Free Government car Program. Especially Single moms, College Students, veterans, Victims of domestic violence & Needy Person who want a free car, they can apply for a free car Program.

  • How to get a Delivery of Free Car from Government?

Once your free car Application is select, the government allocates any officer of your area. After it according to the rules, they will take you to the nearest car Dealer & there you get your new car.

  • Should I get Free Truck from Government?

You can also request for the free truck under the small government business helping Program. The government started this campaign to support small entrepreneurs business.

  • How to get a free car from the government

As we have already shared the detailed guide of how to get a free car from the government in the article. So, read carefully.


So it is all about the different method and eligibility criteria on how to get a free car from the government. Using it, you can get your free car for use. According to me, it is not an impossible task. What it needs is a genuine approach and proper reason for a free car. If we consider getting a free car from the government, then it needs proper documents. Using these documents, the government person decides which candidates deserve a free car.

Another thing to remember that free does not mean that you do not have to do anything as you have to follow the procedure decided by officials. Fill the application form of how to get a free car from the government carefully and provide all the document so that the government accept your grants for low income families to buy a car.

Hopefully, after claiming your free car, you will get it. The car will help you in multiple ways and improve your social and economic condition.

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  1. Elizabeth Garcia

    I’m a single mother and I do not get child support I am on welfare but only get food stamps and medical. I need a reliable car to be able to get my daughter N my self places need be I live 25 miles from a grocary store and about an hr away from my child’s school. Ive been with out a car that for over 4yrs now my grandfather lets me us his but I can only get so far with out it leaving me on side of road for a lil I cant even get up to speed limits at times. I’m not one to ask for help I’m usually the one to try to help anyone if I can. I had a car and a so called friend said they would help me fix a few thing and turned around and sold it so I’m reaching out for help i need something that is good on gas and I can drive all yr round since summer almost over snow will be here and I need to be able to get to my soon to be 10 yr old when I can last yr she feel at school and I had to call so meany people to ask for a ride she feel off muckey bars and fractured her l6 n l7 its been hard to get her to apts, N for my self I have hep c I got from blood transfusion when I was born I am 30. And I live with my 81 yr old grandfather and my grandmother passed in March ive always tryed to do my beat on taking care of them because they were there for my brother witch is disabled n now in a group home and my lil sis she is married but me being the back bone to my family i to a braking point to I need help my grandfather is to his to we need help with bills N well just about everything since my grandmother passed things have been a real struggle n with grandfather not feeling so well now in days I’m once again the one the needs to be on top of things. I was told by a friend to look online for help i also need help with getting my daughter something with internet on it so no matter were we are she wont have to worry about having her school work done because sue to pass few yrs she has been behind in her homework cuz they do most of it online and only way for us to get it is if we can get to a friends I’m sorry for this really long letter but like i said I’m reaching out for help my grandparents have help me when I need things for my daughter but ive been raising my daughter since she was yr and half father dont help . sorry if this is to much

  2. Melissa

    My daughter is 16 years old and pregnant and the baby dad is not in picture we had tried every birth control out there before she got pregnant but doctor had to take her off of them cause it made her estrogen levels go up well she is need of a car to finish school me and her dad both work full time jobs but only make min wage so we are barley able to get by if there is anybody that could help her u would be out miracle she wants to finish scho but without a car to take baby to sitter and drive to school it’s going to be Nealy impossible please help

  3. Sandra Frigon

    I am a 71 year old woman. I lost my home and all assets ten plus years ago. I have been living with friends but fear I will be homeless soon. I am in great need of a car so I can live in it and drive to the job I want so badly. I do not use drugs nor do I smoke, and drink an occasional glass of wine if I’m lucky. I am asking for help for a down payment on a decent car. I live on Social Security which is not very much and I cannot afford the rents. I live in Santa Cruz, California. I am asking for a miracle for someone help me.

  4. Darlene Geib

    I have struggled my entire life, but have made the best out of all my bad situations. I’ve been on my own since I was only 15 yrs old. Not by choice. I’ve never fell victim to crime, drugs, alcohol, or anything statistically for my situation! Against all odds I’ve managed to stay a float! In recent years I’ve suffered from so much [more] tragedy, that it’s been extremely difficult to try and adjust to a new normal. Since my older brother was murdered in 2015, I’ve suffered severe financial crisis many many times! I have 2 children that mean everything to him! He was the only person that I could always count on. I have since lost every single vehicle to accident, breaking down, no funds to fix the problem, and trouble with finding a way to get help!! My most reliable vehicle was lost to accident in early 2018 when someone totaled it!! Nothing was ever able to be fixed because I have zero funds to do so. Luckally I had another vehicle that was for emergencies. The car barely runs, but thank God it’s gotten my children and I to school and wok. In the past 6 months or so, every single thing has gone wrong with that vehicle. It screams when the ignition is turned, my back R tire won’t keep air, the bulbs in the rear have been replaced 2x a month due to water damage near the electrical wiring, 2 doors don’t open from the inside, Windows don’t roll down, no air or heater, check engine light on, ABS light, and Emergency break light!! Meaning, i have no breaks! They grind and have to be pumped repeatedly in order to stop some times! And now the car shakes during iddle. I have a negative balance in my bank account and no family to ask help from because they’re struggling just as much. I work extremely hard, I’m honest, giving, and so deserving of help for my children and i,, to have something SAFE to drive in! I live paycheck to paycheck as many of us do, but I have absolutely no idea what I can do for help!!?? I beg of you, to help us! Transportation is our lifeline for work, school, food, and a means to survive! I pray this is real! And that Someone is able to help us in any way, please!!! We will be eternally grateful!!


    To whom it my concern,

    I am reaching out to see what I can do to get help with a car.
    I am a domestic violence victim/ survivor. (There is an investigation going on). Recently my ex took all of my money and left me with nothing. I sleep on a couch or outside every day. For the last couple of months, I have been struggling to keep myself together financially, physically and emotionally. I do apply for jobs daily and have been unsuccessful. (Haven’t worked in a couple of months). I’m limited in jobs I can apply for because I have to walk everywhere I go. I do continue to reach out to local organizations for help. So far no luck. I know that once I have transportation I will have more options to find work, housing, stability.
    I am heartbroken and extremely sad and pray that you can and are able to help.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get any car assistance.
    What I can do?

  6. Jessica Santiago

    Hi, I am so stress out. Last weekend my got repo it been hell this my 3 repo. I need a car to get to work and back . I just started to work fulltime this week. Been really hard to find people to take me to work and pick me up. I can’t a loan denial me . I need a car go to work to groves shopping take my deagther to her doctor ampt. I need help

  7. Tamarra Martin

    Hello my name is Tamarra and I have stage 3 color cancer, I have to go to the doctor office two or three time a week and have to catch the bus. I be tired bout time I get to my doctor office and have to rest. I don’t work but I do recive stamp. They say I may have liver cancer now cause my blood is 200% and that all bad. It’s hard on me cause on my way to the bus stop I have to stop and rest. I have six kids 3 of them are in Memphis and have their own lives, my son is disable and my daughter have three kids of her own. My other son got things going on with his life. I hurt all the time and a car will be easy to get around in. This will help out a lot thank for everything.


    My name is Annie rote I am 34 years old my bday is next wednesday. I have a husband and 2 babies ages 2 and 1. I was in a bad car accident last year and totaled my van and have been trying to buy a new car. I get 648 a month ssi and don’t work very much due to health reasons. My babies need to get to appointments and so do I the city bus is not an option I don’t want my kids on there for safety reasons. Please if you can help me I’d appreciate it I only get about 800 a month and that covers bills and my kids. I would use my work money for gas and insurance on the car. I also have Dr appointments and need to be able to go to the store without asking everyone for rides. Please can you get me a car to help me get to the places I need for my family and i.

  9. Theresa morgan

    Hello, my name is Theresa.I am 39 years old single mother of two beautiful girls one turns 12 on Sept. 19.and the other just turned 18. I do not get any child support I do not currently have a job. We are living with my elderly aunt she is 65.i help take care of her. We live in a little town called bell, it is in Florida. I do not have a car. I had to separate from my fiance of 8 years. Because of the physical abuse. We left W nothing. I love to work and provide for my girls. As of now I have to walk my babies to school if it’s cold, or raining. It’s horrible. I cry a lot… It is very difficult to get a ride to the doctors or go grocery shopping. If I was to be blessed with a vehicle. I would be able to take my babies and my aunt to there doctors. Appointments and get a job.. Please please if there is anyone out there who cares help me so I can better take care of my family.. Thank you so much and may god bless you. And I will pay it forward….

  10. Neoma wilson

    Im in need I draw disability live in pain everyday with my back cause I have no way of going to the doctor I have two grandsons one 10 one 11 it’s just been rough for us my son can’t get back and forth to work we have no vehicle it’s been so rough for us

  11. Becky Nichols

    My name is Becky I am in need of a car am on disability and have a 16 month old girl it’s hard to get around my family and I are trying to do the best we can to get around my husband can’t get good job as I can’t get him there without a car please help us

    1. Luz Enydh Toro

      I have 7 degenerative illnesses my name is Luz Enydh Toro please help me live a better life ,as normal as can be lived by being able to get to doctors and my groceries laundry etc. Please I am in desperate need of transportation. Thank you very much

  12. Sharon Hodgson

    My name is Sharon I am in need of a car as a few months ago dad died and he was the driver now it’s up to me. I haven’t had an easy time of things and need to get paid work this area is limited and I need a car to get work and to help mom.
    Thankyou kindly.

  13. Goodluck peter

    My name is Goodluck peter i am in need of a car help me do my business properly I can’t relate with my customers easly without a car.

  14. Cynthia & Darryle Williamson

    Me and my husband is in need of a car. My husband is a vet and has recently lost his eyesight in both eyes and we don’t have transportation to get him back and forth to the Doctors nor to do our grocer shopping or to handle our other needs and we have went through our life savings paying co- payment to all of his Doctors and Rent and other bills we are sinking real fast and It will help if we had a car It will be greatly appreciated if some one could reach out and help my husband and my self. God Bless and Thank you !!!!

  15. Discouraged senior Lynn

    My car’s computer modular went out, it caused 1600 to fix it. MY car payments were 400 dollars a month. IN a short story , my car was repossessed, and could not keep up with the payments. That is how the story begins, i could not get rides to work. When someone would take me they ran late. That’s how i got fired from my job. In the health-field you can not be late. I tried to get a auto loan, but credit score was too low ( due to the repo of my car) I’m a Senior citizen, and i have health problems. I could not catch the bus on time, and all my family is poor, selfish , and unconcerned. I’m staying in a office blding, sleep on the floor, on a air mattress. office has no heat. I’m embarrassed, to ask, i’m swallowing my pride.. Just need a car, or help with down payment for a car. God bless you. I will be able to pay back on a installment plan.

  16. Windy McGee

    I am a single mother with 2 kids still living at home, she is 16 he is 14, I am also raising my 2 grandkids, she is 11 and he is 6. I lost my job 4 months ago and have been having a hard time getting another one. We lost our power, but thankfully a neighbor has allowed us to run an extension cord so that we could keep our refrigerator and 1 bedroom running with power, So right now all 5 of us sleep in the same room so that we can all have ac with this heat. My daughter has a class which requires that she be at the school before the school bus picks up, and there is no public transportation to her school.
    I did have a vehicle until recently when the motor died. So know I am left with no vehicle to keep looking for a new job, and I can not take my family to the place needed, school, dentist appointments, doctor appointments and so on. I also have an older daughter with 2 children who also depend on me and having a vehicle, so this not only affects me and my actual house hold, but my other family members as well.
    I hate that we are in this situation, but would appreciate any and all help we can get. I do get some child support, and food stamps and state medical, but that doesnt cover all the bills. I really want to get a job so I can provide for my family.
    I am in dire need of any help.
    Thank You for reading this and God Bless.

  17. Luz Enydh Toro

    Hello I am a disabled elderly woman, single parent, low income citizen I was born in New Jersey now live in Florida. I am in dire need of a car. Please if this is a true website for donated cars to the disabled please contact my phone number is 727 953 0653.

  18. Luella Mayberry

    Hello my name is Luella Mayberry and I truly needing a Free Government car through the voucher.


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