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By | February 12, 2023

In today’s world, where it is impossible to live without telecommunication, it is harder to pay the bills of this facility. However, if you cannot pay these bills on time due to any financial crunch, you can seek phone bill assistance from several non-profit, for-profit, and governmental agencies. Those low-income citizens or need finances can apply for these cell phone bill assistance grants.

Often people are heard saying: “I need help paying my cell phone bill.” To all those in this dilemma, phone bill assistance grants are your way to go. Numerous cell phone and telecommunication companies offer help with phone bills through their grants programs. Apart from these companies, there are several other ways to get help paying cell phone bills. Read along to learn more about these phone bill assistance grants.

Can We Approach Non-Profit Organizations For Phone Bill Assistance?

Often non-profit organizations help those who are needy, less fortunate, and poor by providing them with the resources they require. Yet these nonprofit organizations often tend to provide their applicants with free money to help with phone bills through their phone bill assistance programs.

These non-profit organizations usually pay off the bill by themselves directly to the service provider. However, in some cases, it also hands the grant money to the applicants to pay the bill themselves.

Net Wish

Net Wish is the first and foremost non-profit organization you can seek cell phone bill assistance from. A successful businessman set up this non-profit organization to assist less fortunate citizens of the United States of America in their times of crisis. Launched significantly to help the poor, needy, and less fortunate pay their bills, Net Wish is a national non-profit organization that helps hundreds of people annually.


This organization provides free financial aid and cash grants for cell phone bill assistance. This is done so that every citizen of the nation can enjoy uninterrupted telecommunication services. Net Wish doesn’t work independently but has partnered with several other non-profit charity organizations that follow the same motto: to facilitate every American citizen so they can lead a smooth life.

Thus, if you do not get the required help paying cell phone bills, there is nothing to worry about. They will refer you to their partner organizations and provide phone bill assistance. At most, this charity non-profit organization would provide you with a grant amount of $500. This is mostly sufficient to pay the cell phone bill of a layman. You can apply for these phone bill assistance programs to get help paying cell phone bills.

American Red Cross

I know what you must think: The American Red Cross is a non-profit organization that helps people with no money or less money gets the resources for survival. Yes, you are partially correct. The American Red Cross provides help with resources and financially assists people who cannot pay their bills in a given period. Like the previous non-profit organization, The American Red Cross is also a non-profit charity organization that provides its services nationwide.

It has various cell phone bill assistance programs that provide the required help with phone bills. Those who think “I need help paying my cell phone bill” can apply to this organization. The American Red Cross is known to have a branch in every city, county, state, and town of the United States of America. Unlike Net Wish, this organization doesn’t partner with any other organizations. However, it gets all its money to help the poor from organizations like the United Way.

Not only does it help the people in a pickle and helps those with phone bill assistance who are seriously affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, floods, and forest fires. They provide help with phone bills to those who are hit by a natural disaster and have lost everything to it.

Various programs, including those that help pay cell phone bills, facilitate such disaster-struck citizens and those facing a financial crunch due to some other reason.

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National Assistance League

As the name suggests, the National Assistance League is a national non-profit charity organization that provides help to those in need. It also provides cell phone bill assistance to those who can not afford to pay the high prices of telecommunication companies. There are numerous offices of this organization, and it sometimes gets hard to manage all the programs and events of the organization and hence there have been local chapters invited to join the organization in its mission to help the less fortunate.

Not only does this non-profit organization provide help with phone bills, but it also provides its support to other fields. This organization also takes care of aspects of life like clothing, food, shelter, education, daycare, and others. A common program run nationally is Operation School Bell. This program helps school students with appropriate clothes, books, and resources to cruise through school life smoothly.

Every year, numerous people volunteer at this organization. This increases the manpower and resources required to help the needy, poor, and less fortunate. If you need help paying your cell phone bill, you can apply to the phone bill assistance programs offered by the organization.

All you need to do is look for their local office in your city, county, town, or state and apply to their phone bill assistance program. You can also do so by visiting their official website. You can also get the hang of the eligibility criteria and deadlines related to the programs that will answer your query about needing help paying my cell phone bill.

Are There Any Government-Funded Cell Phone Bill Assistance Programs?

If you are wondering whether or not the government will help you with your dilemma to need help paying my cell phone bill, then let me tell you, you can safely seek cell phone bill assistance from the federal government. There are a few ways in which they can provide you with the required cell phone bill assistance. However, I would like to inform you that as it is a national program, the amount provided to you is first distributed among the state governments. Then the state government provides you with the required amount to help pay cell phone bills.


Lifeline is the first component of the two-component program the federal government offers to help with phone bills. The cell phone bill assistance program provided by the federal government is slightly different from those you saw earlier. The Lifeline program launched by the government to help with cell phone bills targets the low-income strata and those living below the poverty line. Through this program, people of these strata of society are provided with a discount of $15 on their phone bill.


This discount of $15 is provided to them every month. However, this amount may vary depending on the applicant’s current state. This discount can last a year, or in some cases, it may also last longer than a year. Getting a discount may not directly help with phone bills, but it eventually saves up the amount you usually spend on paying them. If you also select the lowest cost residential service plan, the said cell phone bill assistance might not be provided to you, but it might be passed over to someone who is rather in more urgent need of help with phone bills than you.

This cell phone bill assistance program does not provide discounts for long-distance calls or other such special features the company offers. This cell phone bill assistance program does not include special features such as Caller Id or Call Waiting. If you are to use these features or are often engaged in long-distance calls, then it is possible that you might not get the said help paying cell phone bills. This clears the query of many consumers asking if I need help paying my cell phone bill. Applying to Lifeline has another benefit as well. It also provides financial assistance to buy a new telephone connection. It helps you buy a brand-new cell phone as well.


Another component of the two-component cell phone bill assistance program is the Link-Up. This one differs slightly from the federally funded government cell phone assistance program. Where the first one (Lifeline) provides you with a $15 discount on your monthly phone bill, Link-Up offers to pay half the phone installation charges levied on you. This credit is given to the person installing a new telephone in their house or to those activating a wireless phone in their home.

The credit offered by the government in cash to citizens opting for this cell phone bill assistance program amounts to a maximum of $50.00. However, as said earlier, this amount also depends on the state the applicant resides in. Link-Up not only assists with telephones but it also provides help paying cell phone bills. Along with providing help with phone bills, it also financially assists services of a traditional landline.

However, it stops at providing help paying cell phone bills and allows you to request your local cell phone company to reduce the initial cost of establishing a new telephone service. There is also a provision for less fortunate citizens to pay the installation charges in several small installments over several months. If you think you need cell phone bill assistance, you can seek help with phone bills from the government through these programs. You can get more information regarding the eligibility criteria and deadlines of both these programs from the official website of the United States of America.

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Who Can Help When I Need Help Paying My Cell Phone Bill?

As promised, we will show you different ways to get cell phone bill assistance; we have so far kept our promise. However, some local ways exist to get the required cell phone bill assistance. Often we hear people, or sometimes we find ourselves, who will help if I need help paying my cell phone bill? This dilemma is not only faced by you. Trust me when I say this, several people struggle with this problem. Who will help when I need help paying my cell phone bill?


Well, if we speak about local volunteers that will help you eliminate your problem, who will help when you need help paying your cell phone bill? These volunteers are called community centers and shelter homes. Usually, shelter homes don’t provide such service with phone bills, but you might get lucky if you ask. The next option is that you seek help from the local churches. Often local churches run on the gracious donations of benevolent churchgoers.

You can reach out to the church you have faith in and narrate to them the reason behind the need of yours. If they have enough resources, they might help to pay cell phone bill of yours. However, certain churches would ask you to attend a few masses and help in the volunteer work administered by the church. If you are in dire need of the money, you can do a little charity we hope.

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The next option is to ask your family and friends to help with phone bills. The last and most effective way to eliminate your dilemma as to who will help if I need help paying my cell phone bill is to organize a yard sale. From the yard sale, you can generate the required amount to help pay cell phone bill of the entire family if you get lucky.

To Sum It All Up…

Telecommunication rates have risen in the past few years, and it has become very tough for ordinary men to pay the cell phone bills of the entire family, let alone himself. Cell phone bill assistance programs have served these less fortunate citizens in crisis. We sincerely hope we have solved your dilemma of who will help if I need help paying my cell phone bill. You can contact any of these organizations and agencies if you have a financial crunch and require help with cell phone bills.

For more information regarding all the phone bill assistance programs that help paying cell phone bills provided by the above-discussed agencies and organizations, you can contact these agencies and organizations directly. They’ll provide you with a detailed overview of their programs and schemes.

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