7 Ways To Get Free Tires New & Used (Instant Delivery)

By | February 6, 2023

Just as it is essential to maintain your car’s engine health, it is equally important to take care of the tires. One should replace their car’s tires regularly to avoid being in road rage or a crash. However, tires are expensive, and not everyone can replace them annually. Several agencies offer free tires (used or unused) for such citizens; you can get all of them here.

Often, people working on farms and those constantly on the road and delivering stuff to farther places must change their tires more frequently than others. For them, getting tires for free is a great boon. One can also get free tires on Craigslist. Other places can help you with free or used tires, and I will tell you more about them, so tag along!

Where to Look For Free Tires?

Free tires are essential for low-income families and individuals who own vehicles but cannot maintain them due to their lack of funds. The suggested agencies and organizations offer the required help that can assist them with keeping their car health up to the mark.

free tires

It can also help avoid any breakdowns on the road due to the low quality or low health of their tires. It might happen that these companies may or may not offer free tires or free used tires, but you can surely get affordable tires near your location.

Kelly Tires

Kelly Tires is an organization that sells tires manufactured by Goodyear. It is a national organization that offers tires at an affordable price. They also provide free tires for free and free used tires through their special offers and programs. Under these special offers and schedules, you can look for free tires or affordable tires that suits your requirements and works in alignment with your pocket.

You would have to visit their official website to look for these offers. Therefore, I would suggest that before diving into the recommendations and programs that may or may not offer free tires or used tractor tires near me, you should check whether or not they offer their services in your area of residence.

Doing so lets you know if you can apply to these programs. This way, you would save your precious time. If you are not suitable, you will not have to waste time filling out the application and submitting the documents.

However, suppose you are found eligible on a primary basis. In that case, that is to say, if they offer their services in your area, then you would only have to fill in the application form along with the required documents and apply for the programs that provide tires for free that suit your requirements.

You can inquire about these programs that offer free used tires on their official Kelly Tires website or locate their local administration office and visit them personally to get accurate details if you believe in one-on-one conversations and understand things better this way.


Now, this is a tire brand everyone knows, but little did we know that it also allows people to get free tires!!! Not only is the company offering them, but it also promises to provide lifetime resource tire services to its customers!!! So, in a way, if you are a member of the Nissan family, that is to say, if you have bought a car from the dealership, you will be directly eligible for these tires for a free program.

Here, you may have a question: Is this offer of getting free tires only applicable to buyers of Nissan vehicles? Well, then, let me tell you that even if you have gotten yourself a Nissan car on a lease basis, then, too, you are deemed eligible for the programs offered by the company.

However, due to the lack of awareness regarding these programs offering free tires, the company benefits as they would not have to provide free tires for a lifetime to many people. But if you are reading this and are deciding to buy a new car or rent a new car, you should do it from Nissan and ask them if they are ready to offer a lifetime supply of free tires to you or not.

I must tell you that not all the dealerships of Nissan would have such deals. So, if they deny your claim, you must not create a problem. You can look for other options for free or used tires, whichever suits your needs best.

  • To look for such deals and offers, you can visit the website of this car company. You can get all the details regarding the areas where this service is available and all the other information surrounding it. You may also find other things and, more specifically, other offers that could come in handy for you.
  • Often, these companies put up offers, sales, and other plans to promote their new products, sell the older ones, or sometimes just to be benevolent and helpful to society and its members.
  • If you check their website at the right time, you might get lucky and come across such sales or programs through which you could win a lifetime supply of free tires or a limited-time supply of tires for free entirely. But to get all this, you would have to be vigilant and aware of all the dealings and programs of the company.

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Places to Look for Free Used Tires

Often, these programs that offer tires for free that are brand new only pop up for a short time. After a time frame, they might disappear, or the company might stop giving away stuff for free.

free used tires

In such cases, you might not get free tires from the company itself, but you can still get your car’s tires changed, and that too, without paying a single dime. No, I have not gone bonkers. This is true. You can get tires for free, but the only little problem would be that they would be used tires.

Free used tires are available at several places. You do not need to worry about the quality. Even though they are used tires, they would not be useless altogether. You can check and buy them. You invest in them only if they are in good condition and useable. Read along to learn where to find old tires and get free used tires quickly!!!

Yard Sales

This one is known to all, and most of us might have also used it to get a majority of things we have in our houses today. But have you ever thought that yard sales could also be helpful to get something that we need outside of our homes? I, of course, meant tires!!! Although they are not popular in yard sales, you can still look for them.

Yard sales are one of the best places to get free used tires in your vicinity. Of course, people with vehicles would know that you need to change your tires for different seasons and when they are about to get worn out. But if, for some other reason, you cannot do it on time, you will be rendered without transportation of your own. Then, you could not explore your nearest yard sales for new, free, used tires.

If you are in such a situation, you can explore other options to get yourself a pair or two free tires near me that best suit your requirements. But for now, let me tell you something more about yard sales and the products you buy from there. People who have shopped from such yard and garage sales already know it, but people who will have the experience for the first time, let me advise you to be careful with the product you choose to bargain over and buy later.

You must check twice and with utmost caution. So often, people buy products in haste and excitement of getting them at such a low price but forget to check the quality, and later, they regret it. So, it is better to be cautious than regret your decision.

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How to Get Free Tires on Craigslist?

As mentioned earlier, there are times when you forget to change your tires on time, and as a result, they give in to wear and tear, and you experience a breakdown on the road.

free tires on craigslist

Now, that is not a situation one would want to be in. So, to avoid such problems, one should look into the matters beforehand, but if you cannot, you can always check into websites like Craigslist.

  • It is a platform that supports and strengthens the community and its people. It is a great way to build contacts and know people who can also be helpful in your times of crisis.
  • In today’s times, where people don’t even have time to get acquainted with their next-door neighbors, sites like Craigslist offer a way into the community. This is not a community-building app or site, but it does this as a part of a more significant project.
  • The main aim of this app or website is to provide a space for buyers and sellers so that they can sell and shop from the sanctity of their homes and workspaces.

Here, we are discussing getting free tires on Craigslist, so let’s get on with that. Well, first of all, you would have to get yourself registered by submitting the required details. Then, the site’s homepage would open up, displaying things that interest you.

There will also be a search option where you would have to type free car tires, or if you are looking for tractor tires, you would have to type used tractor tires for free near me. You would be given a list of options from which you could choose the ones that pique your interest.

Then, you can contact the seller and strike up a deal. More often than ever, the sellers would not give away tires for free, but if you are lucky, you may find such sellers that offer free or used tires, whatever suits your situation.

I must add here that before buying from any seller on Craigslist, you should do two things as follows.

  1. Run a background check on the seller
  2. Check the quality of the product they are selling to avoid future regrets.

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Websites That Can Help You Get Tires For Free

Apart from Craigslist, there are other websites as well that can help you out with your tire situation. The listed websites work similarly to Craigslist, but you might get more options if you search for tires for free on these websites.

tires for free

Again, you may or may not get tires for free, but you can surely get them at an affordable place. So, let us delve into sites that can help you get free or used tires.


You may call it a sister or a twin, but Freecycle is like Craigslist. People buy and sell things through the medium of this platform just as they do on Craigslist. The point of difference here is that items are continuously recycled. For example, you can quickly get free used tires on this site.

The method of finding the right kind of product is similar to that on Craigslist, so if you have an account on either, it will be easier to create one on the site you have not yet explored.

Freecycle is a one-stop shop for all the resources required to survive. You can get furniture, used and new electrical appliances, clothes, diapers, and free tires near me, all in one place. Having a keen sense of finding the right things would be best.


Nextdoor is like that convenience guy around the neighborhood offering everything you could wish for. You can put up an ad on their website to describe your need for tires for free.

You can use keywords like free car tires, free used tires, used tractor tires for free, or free old tires to search for tires that suit your requirements.

Make sure you ask for home delivery of your product, as you might not be able to drive due to the worst condition of your tires. You can pay minimal extra delivery charges to deliver your tires to your doorstep.

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Can I Get Used Tractor Tires For Free Near Me?

You most certainly can!! If you are a farmer or are in a field of business requiring tractor tires, then the ill segment is meant for you. More than smaller vehicles, tractor tires and tires of more oversized vehicles such as buses, trucks, and other such means of transportation are sold at a costlier rate, and due to the consumer’s lack of choice, they have to buy them at a higher price.

used tractor tires for free near me

However, this is not the case anymore. You can look for used tractor tires for free near me and get a list of options that can offer you free tractor tires in your area of residence. If not tires for free entirely, you can at least get old tractor tires an affordable price from these sources. Here’s a consolidated list of these sources where you can get used tractor tires for free near you.


TireMart.com is an online platform for people who wish to buy used tractor tires for free near me or at an affordable price. It is a website just like a food ordering or clothing website, but the only difference is that you would get free used tires instead of food or clothes for which you would have to pay.

  • If you visit this site, you will know which factors affect the efficiency of farm tractor tires. They also offer solutions on how to enhance the durability of your tractor tires and how to maintain the quality of the tires of your tractors. You can also get detailed information on what kind of terrain the tractor tires to work more efficiently and yield better results.
  • Along with all these details, what is more critical for you is also offered: free tires!! Well, now, I would not say that they sell used tractor tires for free near me, but one thing is for sure: you can get tractor tires at a very reasonable price here. They also offer combos of tractor tires where you can get tires at a very affordable rate.

For instance, they have this offer where one of their types of tires is sold for $110.56. This is not the price for one tire but all fours. Therefore, you can get 4fourtractor tires for under $100. This offer is a catch; you can explore and choose from similar suggestions on different tractor tire types.

NTS Tire Supply

NTS Tire Supply is an agency where you can get free tractor tires. It sells tractor tires from various tire manufacturers; that is to say, you can get multiple brands. The agency has over 3,500 used tractor tires and wheels for sale.

  • One of the best things about this agency is that they possess a vast inventory of used tractor tires and offer a 2-yeat Black Gold Warranty on all the used tires you purchase. NTS tire supply is by far the largest supplier of used tires for tractors and wheels for other vehicles in the Upper Midwest of the United States of America.
  • You can visit the official website of this agency and get a wide range of options. In addition, you can optimize your search with filters for a better search experience. This way, you can quickly get what you want without confusion about the firm’s options.

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Tires are a resource that is as essential as food and clothes, but not many know that they need to change their tires now and then. Therefore, awarding vehicle owners with their tires and engine maintenance is paramount. Tractors and farm equipment are the second most used things in America, and one can also get used tractor tires for free near me through the firms mentioned above. For more information, you can contact the agencies and organizations mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get used tires for free?

You can often find free used tires at local tire recycling centers or through online platforms where people offer them for free.

Where can I get free tires?

You can get free tires from sources like online communities, tire recycling centers, or charities like The Salvation Army.

Where to get free tires?

Look for free tires at tire recycling centers, online platforms like Freecycle, or inquire with charitable organizations.

Do tire shops fill tires for free?

Some tire shops may offer free tire filling services, but it’s best to check with your local shop for their specific policy.

How to get free tires for your truck?

To get free tires for your truck, consider looking for local truck giveaways or promotions, checking online communities, or contacting charities that provide assistance.

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