Cheap Insurance For Bad Driving Record

By | September 3, 2019

Are you facing problem to find cheap insurance for bad driving record as you are a high-risk driver? If yes, then it is obvious that you have done some serious or minor traffic violation in the past.  Due to it, the insurance premium hikes when you apply for a loan for your car. 

If you get a policy, then do not hurry to opt it, compare it with others and also ask for your friends and neighbors about their experience. To make your task easy, we are here to help you in getting car insurance for bad drivers with ease. But before we move to the main section, first know how bad driving record affect the car insurance premium. 

Effect Of A Bad Driving Record Auto Insurance

Insurance companies check your data when you apply for car insurance. If they found you will cost them more due to your bad driving, they will charge you more. That time cheap insurance for bad driving record can save your money.

It is obvious that for risky drivers, insurance companies have to pay more due to the damages caused on other motorists that they are responsible for. Even they have to also pay for vehicle replacement or vehicle repair in major accident case when a collision insurance claim.

Bad Driving Record Auto Insurance

Affordable car insurance for high risk drivers

Also, the rates are set according to the vehicle models, driver’s previous records and violations.  The charges are higher as per the risk related to car insurance. Bad record person is highly like to meet the accident in the future. 

Keep in mind that not all violation of traffic rules and accidents are equal. The more severe incident, the great the car insurance cost. Minor accidents and violations like a red light violation, paring tickets, speed up the vehicle can cause a minor increase of about 14%. However, due to a serious traffic violation, the rate may increase by 41% or more.

If you think that your old violation can also affect the insurance rates, then no, it is not true. Insurance companies consider traffic violations and accidents for the past three years only. So incidents that occurred before three years are not considered.  

However, there is an anomaly when it comes to Driving under the influence convictions. It can affect your car insurance for bad driving record rates up to five years.

How To Get Cheap Insurance For Bad Driving Record?

If you want to get cheap auto insurance for a bad driving record, you have to spend time and effort to find the best. It is because some insurance companies give an expansive rate for the individual with bad records. Some companies are also there who do not give insurance cover to high-risk drivers.  Furthermore, some insurers may not even offer coverage to high-risk drivers who need FR-44 or SR-22. 

These FR-44 or SR-22 needs a special type of policies for all those who have a bad driving record and needs surety of financial responsibilities. It confirms that you have the required amount of liability coverage for your vehicle. 

Usually, it is required for those who have to meet serious accidents like DUI or suspended the license due to one or another reason. 

If you require an SR-22 form, then do not consider the companies like Farmers, State Farm, and Allstate. It is not an ideal option to get car insurance for a bad driving record. Instead, choose nonstandard auto insurance companies that are specialized to offer coverage to high-risk drivers. 

Some of the names are The General Insurance, Direct General Insurance, and Titan Insurance. Due to the impact of bad driving, the insurance rates change over time, so pick the insurance cover regularly and continuously to maintain the lower rates.

How To Get Car Insurance For A Bad Driver?

These records are not uncommon, and hence, more and more people are searching to get car insurance for a bad driver. It is not a good idea to not follow the traffic rules, especially when you want to vehicle insurance. Insurance provider companies keep eyes on you after all. 

Car Insurance For A Bad Driver

cheap car insurance for accident drivers

With the bad record, car insurance becomes trickier and even more expansive. For awful records, it is tough to find insurance as well. But here are some of the hacks to get your cheap insurance for a bad driving record.


  • Begin By Shopping For Car Insurance

If you are getting your third minor violation or first major violation, then it is time to start shopping car insurance. If you have not renewed your old policies, then your policy provider may renew it with sky-high rates. It may terminate your relationship with them.

They will have a few options for you when it comes to deciding on the right carrier. Irrespective of agency you choose, you will get the same deal hopefully, but according to my experience, if you pick some agent that deals with such high-risk drivers, then it will best. These agents are familiar with SR22 and can help you in obtaining a new policy.

You can start finding high-risk agencies that deal with non-standard auto policies. When you pick the right person, they have a few options for you.

You are expected with your driving record. Some insurance manually put in your driving record according to the information you gave to it. It will not run your records until you are ready to buy a policy. Agents are following this procedure because many people do not pay the policy prize and run away. Ultimately agents have to pay for it. In short, you have to provide accurate information to get an accurate quote.

  • Think About Reducing Coverage

When the driver has bad records, comprehensive and collision rates rise. But removing all these rates can reduce your overall costs significantly. 

If your car is too fancy, then sell it and buy one that is useful and affordable in terms of price and loan rate. Stick with small to a mid-size vehicle that has good feature and comfortable.


  • Find The Agencies That Provide Discounts For High-Risk Drivers

Hey, it is not a joke. High-risk insurance providers also offer a discount. Look for financial stability discount, multi-policy discount, prior proof of insurance discount, etc. Also, take help of your agent and verify that you are not taking any wrong step.


  • Choose the Best Payment Plan

By choosing the best payment plan, you can save your money. If you are doing this with the help of an agent, then share all the details to the agents like pay in full in advance, or you want to wait till discount appears. You can also pay from your bank account, credit card, or debit card.

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List Of Best High-Risk Driver Car Insurance Policies

Here we have Selected some company which provides cheap insurance for a bad driving record, We observed each of the conditions and make a list of high risk auto insurance companies. Below are the list of top 10 non standard auto insurance companies.

  • Bristol West

Bristol West is a known name in car insurance for high-risk drivers. Compared to other company, it has fewer complaints or less than average complaints. It has a great financial backup.  It offers low down payment and flexible payment option and plans. It sold through the farmer’s insurance agents instead of consumers directly. 

Bristol West’s low down payment is helpful. A low payment can make a difference between driving without insurance and buying insurance — those who labeled as high-risk drivers and have tons of tickets. Even if you are a young or old driver, then also you are putting your insurance provider at higher risk. But irrespective of all these facts, Bristol west will help you.

cheap auto insurance for bad driving record

car insurance for bad driver and list of high risk auto insurance companies


  • Allstate

Allstate offers cheap insurance for bad driving record and has a fewer number of complaints and above-average finance. With its slew of incentives, you can get your driving record back on the right track. 

For every six months of accident-free driving, you will get a check in the mail. On each year passed without violation, you will get $100 off in your collision deductible. 

With the Drive wise app, you will get 25% off every six months for your safe drive. When you face an accident, you can send videos and photos instead of on-person inspections for filing a claim and claim satisfaction. For the first accident, they will also offer accident forgiveness. They will even replace your car within the first two years of purchase. This is Such a Good insurance.

  • Titan

If other insurance companies have rejected you, don’t give up as you have Titan for you. Titan ensures that insurance companies would not touch the driver for drunk-driving convictions, and also provides you SR-22 for your bad driving record. 

If you are looking for the cheapest option, then the company will also provide minimum coverage for your vehicle. And as I said earlier, they also provide a great discount sometimes. 


It is all about cheap insurance for bad driving record and its relevant information. We hope you find it useful. Keep in mind that your bad driving records are not with you for a lifetime. Start driving carefully and safely to avoid such problems.

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