Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R Review 2024

By | August 5, 2019

Maruti Suzuki is more than 25 years old company in India and much favorite company. During then 2002 they Launch car Wagon-R and many people like it. Finally, now again in 2024 Maruti Szuzuki launched vehicle as a name Wagon-R. In two generations, it is sold over 2.2 million units and is a fixture on India’s top vendors’ list. This third-generation Maruti Suzuki Wagon R you notice here exists nowhere else in the world.

You will find other WagoNAR, like the one offered in Japan, but for India, Maruti has engineered and assembled a vehicle that’s all yet bespoke, tailored specifically for all our regulations, conditions and client requirements.

Like most of its sister cars — the Swift, Baleno, Ignis, and Ciaz — that the new Wagon R can also be based on the Suzuki’s latest Hyderabad platform.

The older Wagon Rs were constructed on the smaller A stage which underpins Suzuki’s line of’kei’ compact hatchbacks for Japan. Advantages of this new platform include improved functionality in crash tests, a lighter curb weight, enhanced dynamics along with an even roomier cabin.

The old Wagon R’s 68hp, 1.0-litre three-cylinder K10 unit continues to be carried over, but it’s been tweaked to get more market (22.5kpl, ARAI figure).

The option of this 83hp engine, Maruti insiders say, is in response to the demands of Wagon R loyalists who believed that the car had more zing. Its ARAI-tested 21.5kpl is among the finest in the segment. Both motors are available with 5-speed manual and AMT gearboxes.

The Wagon R 1.0’s prices start at Rs 4.19 lakh for the LXi trim, while Wagon R 1.2’s costs start at Rs 4.89 lakh for its VXi (ex-showroom, Delhi). Do note, the price difference between the same cut of both engine versions stands at Rs 20,000 only.

How’s the Wagon r 2019 Car Look?

The third-gen Wagon R keeps the tall-boy proportions of its predecessors but also looks like a more substantial vehicle. That is because it is. Compared to the outgoing model, the new Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is 56mm longer, a substantial 125mm wider and will be 35mm more in its wheelbase too. The number that’s gone is really for weight.

The third-gen Wagon R will have a bit more style to it. There is a milder and more rounded-off nose, and elements — like the’arrow’-shaped flashes and the sporty chin — look great. It’s not slab-sided either.

There’s a well-sculpted shoulder line and neatly described wheel arches, and also the glass house is clearly’in-set’ from the base of the car. The black plaque which runs out of the C-pillar into the tailgate gives the Wagon R floating roof’ appearance, and even the large Honda CR-V-like tail-lights operate well.

Not so lovely, albeit okay on a car of this class, are the Wagon R’s lift-type door handles. Alloy wheels also can be found only as an attachment, and if you look closely, you will notice there is no cladding in the wheel wells.

The bonnet shut line isn’t the tightest either but Maruti states that’s been done intentionally to minimize the prospect of damage to the upper section of the plastic grille in the event of the bonnet being slammed shut.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 2024 Interior

The first impression of what is inside the cabin is also very positive. The cottage seems better appointed, and the two-tone black-and-beige motif works nicely.

Also helping the appearance is the new instrument cluster that, on higher versions, features an integrated electronic tachometer. No, there aren’t any soft-touch pieces, but the well-textured surface of the dash makes it feel more upmarket than previously and even the doorway pads are a bit better-finished.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R review

The plan of the dashboard, however, is not too impressive. It’s disproportionate, the fascia is slab-like, and even the middle console is put at a jaunty angle, which further increases the visual dissonance.

Additionally, the new front seats, even larger, are quite flat and featureless; which means that you don’t so much as the sink to them as sit on them. The fixed front headrests also confine frontal visibility for back seat occupants.

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Everything you may appreciate is how much broader the new Wagon R’s cabin is. The passenger and driver do not sit shoulder-to-shoulder as in older Wagon Rs, and also the wider cabin also enables three to sit more relaxation than formerly possible on the bench-like rear seat.

The legroom has also increased along with the headroom is also expectantly, plentiful too. What is a shame is that Maruti has contributed adjustable rear headrests a miss? The adjusted rear headrests aren’t only little for the adult of average height but are also angled in a sense they poke into an occupant’s upper back.

Practicality has always been a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R’s powerful suite, and the new model only improves in this area. Boot space has dropped to 341 liters, along with the long, broad and deep boot can hold plenty of luggage. On all but the base variations, the chairs split 60:40 for even greater usefulness.

Even within the cottage, you will find a bigger glovebox, sizeable door pockets front and useable pockets on the back doors. Although, the little cubby hole above the gear lever isn’t convenient. It’s small, and since there is no rubberized mat, your odds and ends sliding around.

And given how essential your smartphone is into the entertainment package, you are going to overlook a dedicated slot to put your mobile.

Wagon-R 2024 Engine Performance

We got our first taste of the Wagon R in the stronger of both avatars. We’ve experienced the 83hp, 1.2-liter engine on the Ignis, Baleno, Swift, and Dzire and know it like a vigorous and refined unit. However, the motor provides a whole new dimension of functionality to the lightweight Wagon R.

Compared to the small responses of the old Wagon R’s 1.0 engine, the new Wagon R 1.2 feels awake and light on its feet constantly. It picks up speed effortlessly and makes for an enjoyable drive since there is plenty of go in the mid-century.

You can feel that the added pulling power and even when driving in a higher gear for any particular speed, the Wagon R does not feel lifeless. In reality, there is a newfound sportiness into how the Wagon R drives. The engine likes to be revived, and performance gets stronger and stronger as you move up the power-band.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R review

We piled on our trusty VBox to determine just how much quicker the Wagon R is, and the numbers are telling. In Reality, the timings create the Wagon R considerably faster than the Hyundai Santro, Datsun Go, Tata Tiago, and even Maruti’s own Celerio.

And if only for academic interest, we did a full-bore acceleration run. The new Wagon R 11.98sec period is almost 5.0sec back on the older car’s time! Using all the revs in the lower gears warms the tiny front wheels into a frenzy.

After the wheels hold, the Wagon R shoots with a never-before-experienced sense of purpose. Get this — the new Wagon R using the 1.2-liter engine features a power-to-weight ratio of nearly 100hp percent! Is it any wonder?

However, when you stop by the upper end of the power band, between 5,000-6,500rpm, the Wagon R does get noisy. You can say that this car doesn’t have much by way of sound insulating material. We wish the manual gearbox were a bit better, too. It is light and comfortable for the most part, but sometimes you also need that instant push to slot gears in.

Urban buyers will consider kindly into the AMT automatic version. The 5-speed AMT nevertheless doesn’t have the smoothness of a torque converter but the mind nod AMTs are notorious for is mostly restricted to changes between first and second gears.

Things smoothed out in the higher speeds along with the gearbox certainly does not look like a compromise. What is also nice is how receptive the gearbox would be to manual inputs.

The Tiptronic purpose is quite slick and comes handy when you want to take charge or whenever you want to increase engine braking on a descent. Speaking of that, you’ll need to make judicious use of the handbrake on hill starts. The car tends to roll back before the gearbox engages’. Performance-wise, our preliminary tests show a big jump over the old Wagon R 1.0 AMT.

On its broader monitor and stiffer Heart floorplan, the Wagon R’s stability in a straight line has improved. Nevertheless, the Wagon R still doesn’t take easily to direction changes at high speeds and the bluff shape and light weight also make it susceptible to moving about in strong gusts of wind.

The mild and lifeless steering won’t do much for confidence at high speeds. Frankly, the Wagon R functions best as a city car. Drive it in town, and you will see ride quality is quite good.

It’s no longer choppy, to begin with, large lumps can be ridden over with no car being chucked around excessively along with the suspension also works a bit more silently than previously.

Even cottage insulation is somewhat better. However, because of the light build, a decent amount of road and suspension sound nevertheless does filter inside.

Final Verdict: It is relatively well-priced too. Bear in mind that this isn’t a car to purchase if you like driving, and its appliance-like character will not appeal to fans either. Precisely what the Wagon R does is retain its first formula of a remarkably functional budget car. For spaciousness and sheer practicality, the new Maruti Suzuki Wagon R remains the car to beat.

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