Honda Civic 2024 Review, Specs, Price

By | August 15, 2019

The Populer company of India and who understand their customer truly needs Honda to come back with the new civic 2019. Only one generation of the Civic has been marketed in India.C urrently, Honda launches the eighth-gen version, between 2006 and 2012 and it had been so impressive even during 2009 honda civic is Autocar India Car of the Year. But the time changes and other company like Hyundai launch their Elantra, Verna with Good Feature and hype of Civic car decrease fastly. It was not only its deftly articulated blend of space, comfort, reliability, driving enjoyment and superior feel that won us, but also how futuristic and ahead of its time it felt and looked.

New Honda Civic 2024 Features

Honda has a very huge customers base in India. Especially Honda company like people because you can get easy service in any Locality. But the time is changed there are many competitors with a Good car like Harrier, Creta, Elantra, Verna is already in the Market. So, for the honda civic it’s not easy to survive.

On paper, the Honda Civic ticks some important boxes. Civic has a diesel engine choice, for a start; the deficiency of that was a vital reason for the original’s demise. It’s also grown in size, to fulfill the section’s demands on distance and distance itself from the City, while the interior has been reworked to become more upmarket; and that includes the equipment list. But has it all worked?

Honda civic review

Though it follows Honda’s contemporary design language, which feels very dim and straight-laced on an Amaze or the City, things look particularly stylish and groundbreaking on the Civic. I like Honda’s decision to utilize 17-inch metals (one inch upward on the rest of the segment) as they help the stance. Plus, using their two-tone, diamond-cut look, they look very sporty.

But my favorite detail is the brand new Honda Civic’s tail section. The angular, C-shaped tail-lamps are particularly competitive, disguising the rear bulk somewhat, and though it looks as though it has a lift-back boot (like the Octavia), it’s a conventional sedan boot opening. Still, the opportunity is ample enough, making loading the full, 430-liter boot fairly easy.

How’s the Civic 2024 Interior?

The 2006 Civic’s interior was revolutionary, even in contrast to sports cars of the time, let alone sedans; but since then, interiors everywhere have moved forward hugely. Therefore, while the new Civic’s interior is indeed sporty, it isn’t quite as radical as the previous one. It is still easily the sportiest in its section in India, though, and it’s also been given a good dose of luxury. Build quality is tight just about everywhere, and there are soft-touch materials on the majority of the dashboard. You may find a few scratchy pieces lower down and a few switchgear made from lower Hondas, but it’s all to a decent level.

What Happens more is the layout. The dash has tremendous visual width and flows gently out from the console. It has a beautiful texture under the leather dash top, and all the controls fall neatly to hand. Though the temperature and fuel gauges are still analog, the remaining part of the instrumentation is taken care of using a crisp and vibrant high-resolution screen in the center that appears attractive; a worthy update to the older car’s digital speedometer.

They’ve done a tremendous job of the chairs, with cushioning that is softer in the center and firmer on the sides, providing just the right blend of comfort and support where you want it. I also like the soft, perforated leather, and the stripe down the center that adds well to the sporty design ethos. The driver’s seat is powered, too, which is par for the course in this course and also makes finding your ideal driving position very easy; but a memory function would’ve added a little bit of convenience. The back seat is incredibly comfortable and similarly cushioned also. As with the old vehicle, it’s set to low, so you have to lower yourself in and you’ll soon realize the Civic is not going to be the ideal choice for the chauffeur driven. Yes, legroom is considerable (Honda states class-leading, in fact) and the chair offers excellent thigh service, but headroom is far from ideal, and the windows are quite small. Also, forget USB chargers, there isn’t even a 12V socket in the trunk, and I miss the sound controls you used to get in the rear armrest of the former vehicle.

But, there are some attributes the Civic misses, which you’ll find in rivals such as cooled seats, driver seat memory, front parking sensors, and proximity-based boot opening.

How’s the Engine Performance of Civic 2024?

The Civic currently comes with a diesel engine, that’s the same 1.6-liter ‘Earth Dreams’ unit that surfaced in the CR-V in 2018. Even though 120hp and 300Nm of torque seemed somewhat inadequate for a seven-seat SUV, for this particular executive sedan, it’s about being at par with the section. But a crucial distinction is that while the CR-V petrol is only available as an automatic, the Civic diesel is only available with a 6-speed manual. Honda’s pricey 9-speed automatic gearbox could have only driven the cost too high. On the other hand, the petrol engine — a revised version of the old 1.8-liter i-VTEC motor, now with 141hp is just available as an automatic since Honda does not offer a manual gearbox on this engine anymore, worldwide.

honda civic Engine

Let us start with the gas engine that, of course, feels very familiar. Honda has re-tuned it to be responsive and you will feel it the moment you tap on the accelerator, where it leaps eagerly off the line. Additionally, it has to be said that as CVT gearboxes proceed, this is one of the best out there. This is a little bit of a shame because as with VTEC engines, this one loves to be revved and gets another wind at the top of its powerband. The drawback is the mid-range is flat and should you find yourself in this zone between about 3,000-5,000rpm you’ll want to either downshift or rev on. Fortunately, the seven’steps’ in the CVT work well via the paddles; but still, on a nice street, you can not help but wish they’d offered a manual. And while we are being the Civic is offered abroad with a 173hp/220Nm, 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine that seems just about perfect; perhaps further down the line?

Now, for the all-important petrol engine. Although this motor felt somewhat overwhelmed in the CR-V, it feels much better suited to the Civic; at 1,353pound, the sedan weighs over 300kg less than the SUV! It’s not quite as punchy as, state, Skoda’s 2.0-litre diesel engine, and is a lot more linear in its power delivery, instead much like its 1.5-liter counterpart in the City and Amaze. Also contributing to the more relaxed performance is very tall gearing on the six-speed manual, likely done in the interests of the fuel market. Nonetheless, it revs to nearly 5,000rpm; and though some of that urgency is missing, it’s not exactly what you’d predict slow either. What does help is the short-throw gear lever, making skipping between ratios an absolute joy; and refinement which, overall, is pretty great too. Both engines are claimed to deliver class-leading ARAI certified fuel market with the gas rated at 16.5kpl and the gas at an astonishing 26.8kpl. In summation, neither of these powertrains is as exciting as we’d have liked, but they get the job done.

The rationale we long for a bit more excitement from under the hood is because the chassis begs for this. They’ve nailed the ride and handling balance with this car. Where the old car felt sharp but somewhat too stiff-kneed, this one feels a lot more mature and well-balanced. Using MacPherson struts in the front and an independent multi-link setup in the rear, the Civic stays impressively pliant, even over broken streets, despite its large wheels and 215/50 R17 tires. Honda has also addressed what many people were fearful of ground clearance. By raising 20mm (compared to the overseas version ) for a total of 171mm. It feels much less inclined to bottom-out on speed bumps. It handles quite well though, with a sharp steering and excellent body control. So yes, like its predecessor, the chassis lives up to the Civic’s sporty appearance, and it despite its increased measurements, the car motivates you to push it around corners.

Final Verdict:

The game has changed, and so has the Civic. It’s evolved into a far more mature and premium executive sedan but hasn’t dropped its fun and sporty character in the procedure. The evolution includes the price also, and while we will only find that out on March 7, 2019, it’s safe to assume it’ll be competitive for the segment, with these top ZX variants probably crossing the Rs 20-lakh mark. We wish there was a more extensive selection of powertrains namely a diesel-automatic along with also a petrol-manual and sure, a sexy’ variant with this 1.5-liter turbo. And if you plan to be chauffeured, you ought to be ready for a bit of stretching every single time you get in and out. In all, the 10th-gen Civic feels just like the perfect successor to the beloved eighth-gen automobile, having improved in all the significant areas without losing the characteristics that loyalists loved. Not only will it keep fans of the original joyful, but it’s also high enough to draw new buyers to its fold.Honda Civic 2024 Review, Specs, Price

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