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By | April 16, 2021

Every citizen of the country wants to get support from their government when it comes to financing. There are many cases when a person needs money but does not want to get involved in the trap of loans and debts. Here comes the concept of grants to pay off debt.

You might have heard that the government assists and promotes various subsidized healthcare and small business grants, but did you know that there is a wide range of financial assistance offered by the government for individuals personally, too?

Many TV commercials and advertisements raise this topic, but most of us ignore them, thinking they are fraud. The government offers financial help to the United States of America citizens to help them get through the bad times without much burden.

Today, a ton of companies are promoting deals that could be paid using government grants. They also promise new information about paying various debts and bills with the help of government grants.

Below is the complete guide that tells you all the things about these government offerings like eligibility criteria, how to apply government grants for debts procedure, and everything you should know to get out of debts.

What Are Grants To Pay Off Debt?

Grants to pay off debt are concepts that the government introduces to help American people pay their debts and fulfill financial needs. A government grant is an offering by a federal, local, or state government authority for beneficial projects or needy individuals. 

grants to pay off debt

Get grants to pay off debt

This assistance is offered only to some specific classes of citizens. Most governments assist various institutes like hospitals, universities, and non-profit organizations seeking financial help. However, the government assists small businesses and helps citizens facing financial problems on an individual scale. 

There is a long list of personal grants that the American government provides at the federal level & a host of other government benefits. Suppose you fulfill the eligibility criteria for these grants for debt under any of the various listed types. In that case, you can get the money for one of a set of approved expenses if you are lucky enough. 

When To Seek A Personal Grant?

Government creates some grants to help people with kid’s school supplies and paying bills, while others concentrate on paying hospital bills. Some are designed for long-term investments like a home purchase.

So, when to seek a personal grant? If you face any problem paying your bills and need financial support, you can consider going for the grants. The issuer does not expect any interest payment, and therefore, the only things you will lose are your time and efforts.

However, you should not expect an instant turnaround because there are many people ahead of you applying for financial assistance. You should be ready for some amount of bureaucracy.

Debt Elimination Grants

Do you need to pay back these debt relief grants by the government? Unlike regular loans, the government does not expect you to pay back the money they give to help you out. It is, thus, a powerful tool for the people who are facing hardships related to finances.

Later in the article, we will mention various types of personal grants offered by the government for individuals you don’t need to pay back.

It is vital to note that the government does not pay off customer debts like credit cards. You should not think that you can buy a car by filling out some forms and getting the cash through these offers. These assumptions are incorrect.

If you want to pay off debt elimination grants related to car loans or credit cards, you should explore other schemes and offers by various companies.

Who Is Eligible To Get Grants For Debt?

The government concentrates on offering grants to pay off debt who are genuinely in need. These American people generally belong to various classes of individuals. For instance, single mothers or veterans possess more chances of getting a personal grant than a single young man with no kids and do not have any military service record from the past.

However, keep in mind that the government and many legitimate companies also offer these kinds of personal grants on various scales, so you should not let demotivation win over you. Don’t let the fear of rejection come in between the path of getting personal debt relief grants.

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If you are wondering that you are eligible for these personal grants under any categories, let us tell you about each type or class and its eligibility criteria.

Government Grants For Debts

There are some problems in everyone’s life if you look closely. From paying rent, paying student loans to pay your medical bills, the government has something on the plate for you.

Government grants for debts

Get Government Grants for debts

Here is the list of various classes for which government grants to pay off debt are available. To see this list, you should visit The website will ask you to fill in some information about marital status, financial status, age, and residence place.

Once you select all the necessary questions, it will show you a list of grants for which you might be eligible. You have to select every grant from the list and see its eligibility criteria. If you are finding yourself eligible, do not wait to apply.

On the site, you can see for grants under the following classes:

  • Counsel/Counseling
  • Disaster Relief
  • Disability Assistance
  • Child Care/Child Support
  • Energy Assistance
  • Education/Training
  • Employment/Career Development Assistance
  • Food/Nutrition
  • Environmental Sustainability/Conservation
  • Healthcare
  • Grants/Scholarships/Fellowships
  • Housing
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Loan/Loan Repayment
  • Insurance
  • Living Assistance
  • Tax Assistance
  • Social Security/Retirement
  • Military: Active Duty and Veterans
  • Volunteer Opportunities

You can select the best option that suits your background and further look into details about the various schemes under that specific category and their eligibility criteria.

How To Get Grants To Help Get Out Of Debt?

Here are some details related to the eligibility of the grants for debt relief under some of the most popular classes:

    1. Hospital bills:
      Health is a priority of any and every person. It is why a person looking for assistance and grants to pay for their medical bills needs to look for the same at the hospital itself. The person looking for such grants needs to contact the hospital support staff present in the patient billing department. The representatives at the hospital will guide you through the same.
      Also, you must take the help of Family Services and look for their schemes as they often provide grants to those in need. These grants will be advised to you if the hospital itself provides them. Thus, you can pay your medical bill with emergency Medicaid funds with assistance from your county.

      Grants to help get out of debt

      Government Grants to help get out of debt

      Many people have an income that is too low. It means that paying their medical bills is not affordable for them, and hence, the state willingly helps such people directly by providing them with necessary grants to pay off debt. The rest of the individuals looking for such grants will be getting so by presenting their income. By their income, a grant will be provided.
      It means that a certain amount of relaxation will be given to those whose income is lesser than a fixed criterion. This sliding fee scale will determine what you have to pay to the hospital for your medical care. This sliding scale is decided by the family’s income and the family’s ability to pay and clear the medical charges. But before you tread further, you need to figure out and clarify all the valid details by the health department’s local authorities.

    2. Energy Bill – Emergency Crisis Grants:
      There are plenty of providers of basic provisions like utility, gas, energy, and water that have basic programs and schemes. These schemes support grants to those who cannot pay to prevent any of these essential services’ disconnection. Such schemes are for people with quite a low income who do not have enough money to fulfill their basic needs.But to know more about these schemes, one will have to contact the provider of such provisions to know the requirements and other related information.
    3. Shopping: Regular expenditures:
      You can’t expect to find grants to support a luxury item’s purchase. No organization or even the government can do that. For such things, credit cards are handed out. But if a person cannot pay for their uniform that they have to wear for work, there are grants available.
      Local career centers are available wherein you can get grants to buy clothes for your work. Also, one can get clothes for schools, i.e., school uniforms from the family services center.
      With the help of Vocational Rehabilitation programs, disabled people looking for employment will find grant money. With this grant money, they can buy wardrobes to change professions. Also, if a person participates in some programs like Salvation Army, they can purchase uniforms and clothes.
      But there are specific guidelines that are to be followed before one can enjoy such grants to help get out of debt privileges. It is a fact that one cannot get their entire shopping list done. But in many situations, vouchers are issues to the people who need them.
    4. Debt and grants due to education:
      Countless government grants for debt schemes help people put their children through college and school. These schemes related to grants to pay off debt have one drawback, they are primarily based on the fact that the student will have to take a loan and, in the future, will have to repay it.
      It is where come many of the private schemes and programs that provide valuable assistance to those who can’t afford education. These schemes are responsible for providing scholarships and other beneficial grants to the students who deserve and need such opportunities.
      Lack of education needs to be eliminated, and this is where such schemes work and try to fix such problems. To find such scholarships and grants, one will have to go through the college financial aids section, which can be the best source of any related information.
      Countless students completed their education and got their degrees with the help of such programs and schemes. In the end, one will have to look and search for such schemes and the criteria that need to be fulfilled.
    5. Government grants for dependent expenses:
      Child care is one of the government’s essential duties. Many children live in families that are homeless or have no financial means to sustain themselves.
      These families are the ones who are given additional assistance with the help of special grants to help get out of debt and schemes. Thus, many states have the authority to provide a specific grant to pay off debt to those who need it so that they can support their child and care for them.
      More information on this matter can be found in the local social service office, wherein experts can guide you. Economic Development Center and family services also hold much information about various grants and schemes for childcare services.
      These agencies might provide valuable data on child care grants and how to buy essential commodities for children like school supplies and other things. Many of such schemes and grants are present at the state level, and so, it becomes easier for people to approach the respective agencies.
    6. Grants to help pay debt for daily living expenses:
      When you see “$800/month for the rest of your life to pay off any debts and bills” written somewhere or in an advertisement, it is a statement from a government scheme for disabled people.
      When stated by government grants for debts or an assistance program, they will roll out disability cheques. This scheme was developed to help families suffering from a lack of financial resources and have income less than $800 per month or those who are disabled.
      To attain more information on such schemes, one needs to go to the local social security office and gather relevant information by asking the representatives. It is how one can gather information about this grant.

Housing vouchers for Grants to help Get Out of Debt

Commonly, most people refer to the housing programs that the government runs as government-aided grants to pay off debt. But this is not true. In reality, these schemes are issued by specific public housing organizations, which will help you gather your rent.

It means that if you cannot pay off your rent and don’t have the means to do so or are coming way short, you can do so with this scheme’s help. This government grants for debts program is officially termed as the ‘Section 8’ and is a valuable part of the government rules.

Now the thing is that the grant will only deduct an amount from the whole sum, and the person who seeks help will still need to pay some amount of the rent, but that amount is minimal. The individual or the family that seeks help in this condition will get a voucher to lower their rent.

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It means that no grant or actual money will be paid, but this voucher will validate your grant and reduce your housing costs. The point to be noted here is that other than some non-profit organizations offering charity homes, it is impossible to attain a free housing condition. It means that although short-term shelter may be provided, there is no existence of the facility of free housing.

How To Get Government Grants For Debts?

As we mentioned above, it should always keep in mind that there is NO help for paying off credit cards, everyday expenses, or bills. If you enter a government office for financial aid and issuance of relief under such cases, they will either laugh at you or ignore you.

debt elimination grants

Government Grants for debts

Therefore, we mention again that there are no programs offering grants to entertain all the financial troubles a person can have.
Have you found yourself eligible for a particular class but are still wondering how to get a grant to pay off debt and wasting your time? Well, we have got you covered.

Below are some straightforward but efficient tips to get a personal grant:

  1. Research: The fastest way to find a grant and apply for it is to do lots and lots of research. Talk to non-profits or community action agencies by visiting necessary places and exploring local government resources.
  2. Understand the process: As we mentioned above, there is no grant to solve all of the financial troubles, and for that purpose, you should consult some other companies. Read the eligibility section given above to get an idea of how things work.
  3. Government Assistance Programs: If you are someone looking for any funding, you will find that most of the programs to be country and state-run assistance programs that truly work. It includes child care subsidies, LIHEAP, or TANF cash assistance.

If you decide to take a particular scheme from a non-profit organization instead of the government, it must read the small print. These schemes are often scams, so it is essential to investigate in advance.

You will find a list of all government grants to help get out of debt that will cost anywhere from $5-$80, but they are in the end the same, just being sold by different companies.

There might be a case where a grant could have originated by the government, but it travels to non-profit organizations, like the United Way. After this, these organizations offer this money to the local community for financial help. These organizations give funds to help in weatherization, rent, home repairs, and much more.

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If you are looking for a granting scheme, you can also try to contact non-profit organizations if the government offices are not working for you. They address the local community with the application process very calmly.


We have listed everything about how easy it is to find government grants to pay off debt online and go to respective offices and find the correct information. There are many online forums where you will find more information and the representatives that will help you get your grant.

It is a fact that countless organizations can help you get your grant and overcome the financial burdens you face. It is an excellent offering by the government, and it is for every individual who is facing issues while providing their kids education or putting a roof over their head.

You can sweep a lot of information from a simple search online and get most of the details out of the government scheme. But before you Apply for debt elimination grants program, you need to check the validity and the criteria to benefit.

If you are looking for private or non-profit organizations with such grants, scholarships, or programs, you can help with such websites available online. But if you are looking for government schemes and aids, there is no need for a website or other such middle person because everything can be found in social security or other such offices.

This post has listed many beneficial and resourceful aspects of the grants to pay off debt provided by the government and private and non-profit organizations. It will become relatively easy for you to find the application process to avail of these grants.

In conclusion, if there is a bill you cannot pay, there is debt on your head, or there is some medical emergency, there is always a grant, a scheme, a helping hand that can get you out of such dreadful situations without any effort.

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