7 Useful Grants For Foster Parents

By | March 2, 2021

Being a foster parent is a matter of great pride. However, there are some issues that one needs to deal with when it comes to supporting the foster child financially. Several foster parents depend upon grants for foster parents to fulfill their foster child’s needs and requirements. These grants for foster parents provide financial backing to those foster parents that find it hard to make ends meet due to one or the other reason.

Various entities provide foster care grants, some of them are location-based while others are nationally renowned. Foster and grants are two entities that are supposed to go hand in hand for many parents who wish to be foster parents or are already foster parents. Among the various agencies that provide grants for foster parents, the federal government also plays a major role. The government grants for foster parents are well-known and are said to have helped hundreds of foster parents through their financial crunch.

Organizations Providing Grants For Foster Parents

Every year, there are several children that are rendered helpless when their biological parents leave them due to some reason. These kids are taken care of by shelter homes, orphanages, and foster homes. Often people who wish to become foster parents reach out to these organizations to fulfill their dream. However, in the course of fulfilling their dreams of becoming foster parents, several parents do encounter financial problems. This is when grants for foster parents come into view.

  • Show Hope:

Show Hope is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to fill the widening gap between loving parents and orphaned children. This charity organization has several foster care grants that are introduced specially to facilitate foster parents financially so that they can further support their foster children at ease. It has different types of grants for foster parents depending on their financial condition and urgency of funds in the household.



Various foster care grants such as Adoption Aid, Medical Care, Student Initiatives, and many more have been introduced to facilitate foster parents who have newly become parents and also to those who have been foster parents for quite a while but are facing fiscal issues. They also provide pre and post-adoption aids to parents who are seen to have trouble managing with their foster kids in any way. Foster and grants are two integral parts of numerous families in the United States of America and to prove to be their helping hand is what Show Hope and various other organizations wish to do.

  • Brittany’s Hope Foundation:

Yet another non-profit organization that aims at bettering the lives of orphaned children and foster kids is the Brittany’s Hope Foundation. This organization is known to protect the fundamental rights of children and empower families. They essentially encourage the citizens to become foster parents and become useful to children who seem to have no support from their families in any way.

Not only does it provide grants for foster parents but it also has provisions for foster children. They also have grants for foster children and grants for foster homes. No one is left out when it comes to helping the needy. Every entity in the chain of adoption, foster and grants, and parenting is taken good care of by the Brittany’s Hope Foundation. Child Support, Adoption Grants, and Family Support are their core areas of assistance.

  • Gift of Adoption Fund:

Numerous parents find it difficult to go through the process of adoption. The process of adoption seems to take up a lot of money and not many parents seem to have such kind of funds. Approximately, 140 million children are orphaned worldwide. Gift of Adoption Fund assists such children and parents financially. They not only provide grants for foster parents and grants for foster youth programs and children, but they also encourage numerous citizens of the United States of America to consider adoption.

Gift of Adoption Fund is a nationwide organization that has provided foster care grants for foster parents and foster children amounting to more than $10.8 million. This organization has been successful in providing over 3,720 children with loving and caring parents and families. Hence, if you are embarking on a journey of adoption and are in need of financial assistance, you can apply to this organization and get suitable help through various grants for foster parents and grants for foster youth.

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  • Caroline’s Promise:

This location-based organization provides not only grants for foster parents that help them financially, but they also provide emotional, physical, and mental assistance to children as well as parents. Various programs run by this non-profit organization support foster parents financially through varied grants for foster parents. Not only is this a non-profit organization it also is a faith-based organization.

This might essentially mean that it not only collaborates with other non-profit charity organizations but also works in accordance with the churches in the vicinity of its area of work. It has various programs related to foster and grants that work for benefit of the foster parents as well as their foster children. Programs like the Karate camp, Harvest Festival, Santa Socials, and many others provide a great opportunity for parents to bond with their foster children.

Apart from continuously working on strengthening the bond between parents and children which is their main goal, Caroline’s Promise also serves as an organization that provides financial assistance to children as well parents through their various grants for foster parents and grants for foster youth.

Are There Any Local Programs That Offer Foster Care Grants?

Most definitely yes!! There are several organizations that have launched numerous programs that work in favor of foster parents and foster youth. Not only the above-mentioned organizations but there are hundreds of other organizations that provide foster care grants to foster care homes and to families who serve as foster families to orphaned children. Several of these organizations are for-profit while others are non-profit and are often seen collaborating with each other on various projects for the welfare of society and its citizens. Read along to know more about these organizations related to foster and grants.



  • Kinship House:

It is observed that roughly, every year, almost 20 percent of adoption processes fail nationwide due to lack of funds. Kinship House sees to it that no foster family is put in turmoil due to financial issues. Not only it focuses on financial assistance but it also provides assistance required regarding any mental and/or emotional issues both to the parents as well as children. This non-profit organization provides is services to various foster parents and foster children of Oregon.

Along with all the details regarding the foster and grants, the mental health of the families is also taken care of. Kinship House is not only famous for its grants for foster parents or foster care grants but is also well-known for its unique ways of mental health treatment. Thus, the myth of government grants for foster parents being the best is busted here as not only this organization takes care of the foster care grants but it also looks after other issues of the families.

  • Amara:

Amara is yet another organization that works under the huge umbrella of M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. Amara has its services provided in the city of Seattle. Hence, Amara is a non-profit organization that provides foster care grants to the foster families of Seattle. Along with its fine process of providing foster care grants to families, it also provides a helping hand to children who find it difficult to adjust to the new environment due to their everchanging place of residence.

Just like the Kinship House, Amara, too, focuses on the children more than the foster parents. For them, the comfort of children is the topmost priority. Amara looks vigilantly after the children who are constantly sent to one or the other foster homes. They keep a check on the families until they are satisfied that the child is in the right hands. However, if they find the parents eligible, they might also help them with the adoption process financially. Their foster care grants include the amount of adoption fees needed to be paid prior to the fulfillment of the process of adoption.

Basic Information About Foster And Grants For Newly Formed Foster Parents

We understand how difficult it is to be a foster parent and for parents who have recently decided to adopt a child and become foster parents, it might be horrifyingly difficult to handle the stress. Thus, here we are to reduce your stress and relieve you from all the anxiety and tension that you have been experiencing due to the soon-to-be indulged newly added responsibilities. Here we bring to you everything about foster and grants from starting to end.

Foster and grants are two things that always go hand in hand as there may come a time in every foster parent’s life that he or she is forced to apply for a grant due to the lack of funds. So let’s start with the basics of foster and grants. Primarily, you should know that there are certain criteria to become a foster parent. These criteria include proof of the fact that the child will be supervised and provided 24-hour care daily and that the parents are able to take care of the child without depending on the child’s stipend. other qualifications include behavioral aspects like being flexible, calm, and patient with the child and having a sense of humor.



House checks are also done before sending the child or handing over the child to its foster parents. The house should be free of fire and safety hazards. The house of the foster parents should not prove to be hazardous for a child to stay in it. A background check of both the foster parents is done before declaring the adoption process complete. It is also seen whether the parents have the ability to work as a team or not. Communication between the parents is also put to a test. Thus, this covers the foster part of basic information about foster and grants.

Next, we talk about the qualifications of parents for the foster care grants. Generally, grants for foster parents are provided to those parents who are unable to make ends meet for their families. This is the final part of basic information about foster and grants, so read carefully!! Any foster care grants or grants for foster parents are provided to the citizens by simply applying for them. You can either apply online to various organizations providing grants for foster parents and grants for foster youth programs or you can physically go to their office and fill a form regarding the foster care grants.

The next step is to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Generally, the criteria for all the organizations providing foster care grants or any information regarding foster and grants are the same. These basic criteria require you to submit your bar-coded identity documents, child’s birth certificate, his or her school certificate, the order from the court stating the placement of the child in your foster care, and lastly any documents that show the parent’s and the child’s income. Once all this is done, you would be scrutinized by the panel and if found eligible you will be provided with the said grants for foster parents. This was all about the basic information regarding foster and grants.

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Numerous Government Grants For Foster Parents

After gathering enough knowledge about the foster and grants eligibility criteria, let us talk about government grants for foster parents. Yes, there are several government grants for foster parents who find it hard to provide for their foster children. These government grants for foster parents are generally backed and funded by the federal government. These foster care grants work for the betterment of different aspects of the lives of the foster parents and families. Read along to know more about these government grants for foster parents.

  • Foster Care Title IV- E:

The main aim of the government grants for foster parents provided under this title is to look after the safety of the foster children in their foster homes. These government grants for foster parents have the states, tribal organizations, Indian tribes, and tribal consortia as their target audience. It provides financial assistance to the foster homes to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for the foster child to inhibit.

It also provides administrative charges to manage the program and training for the public agency staff. The Department of Health and Human Services has launched this series of government grants for foster parents and grants for foster youth programs for the Administration for Children and Families to look after. They provide formula grants for foster parents and project grants for foster care homes. These government grants for foster parents are available to citizens of the states including Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa. It is also available to the tribes with approved title IV-E plans.

You can apply for these government grants for foster parents through the online website of the federal government or can go physically and fill the application form for the same. The eligibility criteria for the foster and grants are available on the website itself. Also, the information regarding the required documents, important dates, and other data about the foster and grants are available on the website itself.

Final Thoughts…

Being a foster parent often seems to be difficult but it has its own benefits. And in times of crisis detailed foster and grants data is available on the government site to cruise you through. Speaking of government sites, government grants for foster parents has also been the talk of the town recently for their appreciable work of benevolence in the field of family and child welfare. For more information regarding the foster care grants, you can contact the respective organizations as they would be able to provide you with a detailed overview of the programs for foster care grants offered by them.

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