Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2019 Detailed Review

By | August 21, 2019

Lamborghini is famous worldwide for its car design and loud sound of the engine. If you’re in a Lamborghini and you hear your tires squealing, chances are the next thing you’ll understand is the noise of some corner of the car impacting a wall or another hard thing. These cars are, historically, not the sorts of machines to benefit over-driving. When we get key to drive the Fastest car around the world Lamborghini Aventador SVJ we so much excited. We take a test drive on Circuit and now sharing my views on Lamborghini.

Shockingly, I would quickly learn, the SVJ not only allows a driver to push its performance envelope, but it seems to welcome playing out there. The Lamborghini Aventador Svj has 759 Horsepower and second spot on Portugal lap score.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Performance

If you followed to Italy this past year for the first drive of the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, you know that many of comparatively minor tweaks made for a radical transformation. The Huracan went out of a pulse-quickening road car to the compelling track-day toy.

Much of the same thinking was applied to make the new Aventador SVJ a much better car than its predecessor, the Aventador S — that itself was a surprisingly big step up over the plain-Jane Aventador. That’s about seven seconds quicker than the Performante, which itself held the album for just a little while, and 15 seconds slower than the older Aventador SV.

What’s new? Well, we will start with the tires, since while most attention will be centered on the new hardware, it’s the tacky bits which make the most difference. The SVJ rolls on 255/30 ZR20 front Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tires and massive 355/25 ZR21 rears, all four of which were specially developed for the car. Those hitting the track, however, can opt for Trofeo R tires, offering kevlar internals for increased sidewall strength. But, those will only work in a very particular temperature range, making them unsuitable for the street.

Finally, there’s the engine, the Aventador’s already-outrageous 6.5-liter V12, now made even more insane. The car revs to a sonically sensual 8,500 RPM and will sprint from zero to 62 mph in only 2.8 seconds.

Here is the central”brain” that empowers those disparate approaches to act in harmony, finally creating a vehicle that’s surprisingly confidence-inspiring. It even ties the rear-steering system into the stability control, so if the rear of the car starts to slide, then it may automatically counter the skid for you. It is just a little like magic.

Track Performance of Aventador

Estoril is a circuit that’s such a staple on the calendar of various international motorsports series that, if you’ve ever played a racing game, you have almost certainly turned a digital lap here. I certainly have, many of them, but there’s nothing like doing this for real using the better part of 760 horses beneath your foot.

And on this day things would be even more challenging than usual. Why? This fantastic circuit of Estoril has recently been repaved, and by”recently” I mean two weeks past. Fresh asphalt is not only incredibly smooth, but it also inclines to ooze all kinds of slippery compounds.

When we tested this car has issued with the grip of the tire. Lamborghini needs to Work on this. Anyone who’s ever raced in low-grip scenarios will inform you that it’s an enormous challenge. But, it is also a fantastic time to learn the core character of a car. Reduce the limits, and you’ll hit them more quickly.

It’s for this reason I had been pleased with the slippery track. Turning in harshly caused the front end to eliminate grip each time, a trend toward understeer that can keep novice drivers from spiraling into various hedges.

However, show somewhat bit more intent by continuing to turn the wheel while applying throttle, and also the nose tucks in willingly, even if the back of the car has run out of grip.

This allowed me to immediately start pushing to the point at which all four tires were squealing. That’s a reasonably thrilling thing in a car this quick, at which on the front straight I was just knocking on the door of 280 mph over 170 mph.

But there’s one fly in this giant tub of sweet-smelling ointment, and it’s the transmission. As old Lamborghini continued six-speed single clutch transmission. Its brutal modifications are a big part of the character of the automobile.

lamborghini aventador svj review

lamborghini aventador svj review

And on the street? Regrettably, I did not get any time there, but again Lamborghini said the default suspension modes are no more punishing than they were before. The fundamental support in the wing and the sizeable ALA intake do an excellent job of killing what was a pretty limited perspective, to begin with.

Wherever you drive the SVJ, there’s one thing you will always love, and that’s the sound. This is one of the last hurrahs for unmolested V12s and boy does it sound sweet. Lamborghini tuned the exhaust to highlight the kind of high heeled notes a turbocharger typically mutes. Launched in anger, the SVJ is a special thing to hear.


So the SVJ is still fundamentally an Aventador, a car that sings that an unholy tune and has a transmission that’s similarly of the devil. However, such as the Performante before, it is a car transformed by a few seemingly minor alterations. The new air dynamics gives more grip on the tire and also engine gets cooled fastly.Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2019 Detailed Review

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